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The 17th Century Houses of Salem MA

The Pickman House was built 1664
Salem, MA is known as the city of witches. It is also home to some of the oldest buildings in the United States. Here is a few of the buildings dating back to the age when the pilgrim fathers set foot on Plymouth Rock in 1620.

Pickering House (1651)
The Pickering House is the oldest house in Salem, dating back 350 years. It is also the home of 10 generations of the Pickering family, making it the oldest house in the United States continuously occupied by one family.

The right-hand side of was built for John Pickering, Sr before he died in 1657 on land granted to him in 1637. It was a house on two floors, with a single room on each floor, and an entry bay.
The left side was then added circa 1671 by his son, John Pickering II. In 1751, Deacon Timothy Pickering raised a rear lean-to up to a full two stories, which is how the house exists today.
 The Jonathan Corwin House (Witch House) (1660)

The home of Judge Jonathan Corwin is built around 1660 and is a beautiful example of 17th century architecture. It is also the only structure still standing in Salem with direct ties to the famous Witchcraft Trials that took place in Salem in 1692.

The planned demolition of this house in 1944 prompted the restoration of this and other buildings in this historic city.
Pickman House (1664)
The Pickman House is located by the Old Burying Ground, the second oldest cemetery in the United States. It is a prime example of American Colonial style architecture, and dates back to 1664. 

House of Seven Gables (1668) 
The oldest part of the  House of the Seven Gables was built in 1668 for Capt. John Turner, and it remained in his family for three generations, descending from John Turner II to John Turner III.

Facing Salem Harbor, it was originally a two-room, 2 1/2 story house with cross-gables and a massive central chimney. It  now forms the middle of the house. Four windows of the original ground-floor room (which became a dining room) remain in the house's side wall. The house has been extended several times, but retains it unmistakable colonial style architecture

London Coffee House (1698)
The London Coffee House, located at 15 Central Street and now location of Red's Sandwich Shop. This late 17th century building was the gathering place of the Patriots before the American Revolution. Heated discussions took place adjacent to the huge fireplace in regard to the oppressive British taxes

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