Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

It has been apparent, at least for those of you that visit Enjoy Food & Travel regularly, that I have been absent from my blog lately. This is due to the fact that I work as Head of Public Relations at a cancer research institute, and it has been very busy lately. The least I could do is to wish you a happy Christmas. I will try to get more active and continue to write more stories over the Holiday Season. 
My Christmas greetings is a short movie from Drøbak, a charming small south of Oslo, busy both during summer and winter. Here you find small shops, and a few very charming restaurants.

The Reenskaug Hotel offers accommodation by the harbour. Here you find Tregaarden's Christmas House, Scandinavia’s only Christmas Shop open all year, that even includes Santa’s post office where you can get an official Santa Claus post stamp. 
So be aware, Santa Claus HQ is not in Lapland, ladies and gentlemen (or kids), it is located 38 km (22 miles) south of Oslo Norway. Enjoy Food & Travel will wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

New airline from Kristiansand to 8 destinations in 2012

FlyNonStop 100 seat Embraer 190. Photo: FlyNonStop website 

FlyNonStop is the latest airline in the Norwegian travel market. The Kristiansand based air carrier will start flights from Kjevik airport to 8 destinations in 2013. 
FlyNonStop is owned by local investors. The air carrier will fly from Kristiansand to London, Paris, Barcelona, Palma, Nice, Parma, Berlin og Dubrovnik with a brand new 100 seat Embraer 190
FlyNonStop offers travelers free iPad and will serve gourmet food by celebrity chefs Bølgen and Moi. 

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Friday, November 30, 2012

UPDATED: Göteborg from A-Z 2009-2012

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Here you have a map on sights, restaurants, and hotels visited during our stay in Göteborg, Sweden. Stay tuned for upcoming articles on these here on Enjoy Food & Travel.

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    Thursday, November 29, 2012

    Sweet tooth at Café Husaren - Göteborg

    Café Husaren in the hitoris Haga area in Göteborg, Sweden,  is definitely the place to those of you with a sweet tooth. Café Husaren is a wonderful old-style café with the most remarkable interior details and some very scrumptious pastries. Among which is a bun called a Haga bulle, a generous sized cinnamon bun named after the charming neighbourhood Haga. 
    When you sit down at Café Husaren, look up. If you do,  you will see the most beautiful late 19th century painted ceilings. Details like these were much more common earlier in finer shops and restaurants, but most of them have now disappeared. Restored like this they retain an old world charm, enhanced with large crystal chandeliers.
    At Café Husaren you get one of the largest bun you can wish for. The Haga bun is a giant cardamom spiced bun with sugar. 

    A sweet display at Café Husaren. Apple cake (front left),  sommarkaka (summer cake - front right) a cake topped with cinnamon. Behind the cakes you have a tray with chocolate brownies and Scandinavian-style coconut macarones.

    Drömmar (front right) are cookies made with Hjortetakksalt or hornsalt, i.e. a rising agent extracted from venisons horn, hence the name. To the right you got a stack of traditional chocolate chip cookies, one of my definite favourites.

    Syrup and cinnamon cakes (front middle) and havreflarn (front right), cakes or cookies with a sense of Christmas to them, but still delicious in August. Behind them you have stacks of oat cookies with chocolate and raisins.   

    Saturday, November 24, 2012

    Flæskesteg or Danish Pork Roast

    My flæskesteg just out of the oven
    Danish Flæskesteg is made from sirloin of pork but with the crispy crackling. This makes it easy to cut as well as you got the delicious cracklings on top. I bought one on my shopping trip to Sweden in October. Pity I just bought one - I should have got two or three. 
    Sliced Danish Flæskesteg. Photo: Jon Krogh
    In Norway we serve pork rib with crispy cracklings for Christmas, and this traditional dish is highly seasonal. I do not know whether it is only tradition, but it is a rather rich dish and you would have quite a stamina to eat thick slices of pork rib year around.  
    Danish flæskesteg. Photo: fru_green
    The Danes, however, eat their flæskesteg with cracklings all year. I highly recommend a traditional open faced sandwich with the stuff. 
    Well, to get back to the Flæskesteg I bought in Sweden. I made incisions into the rind, as I would have with a pork rib, seasoned it with salt and pepper and baked it in a very low oven (100 C / 200 F) for 8-9 hours. I increased the temperatur at the end to around 200 C / 400F to get the crackling to get puffed up and crisp.

    Flæskesteg served the traditional Danish way. Photo: Nillerdk
    The fat will make the lean pork meat very succulent, and can, as opposed to rib, be thinly sliced to be enjoyed both hot or cold.

    I invited two friends for a traditional dinner and served as we do during christmas, with pickled red cabbage and brown gravy. I served potatoes baked in the drippings from the roast.

    Lækkert, as you would have in Denmark. Delicious!!    

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    Wednesday, November 21, 2012

    Norwegian starts long haul flights to Bangkok and New York

    Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Thailand. Photo: Khaosaming
    At last! Norwegian Air Shuttle has planned long haul flights for years, but in May and June 2013 first Norwegian Air Shuttle flights will take off from Oslo Airport to Bangkok and New York. 
    Oslo - New York three times a week 
    John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport. Photo: Mike Powell
    Norwegian will start two weekly flights from Oslo Airport May 30th 2013 on Thursdays and Sundays. 
    From June 25th the airline will increase to three weekly flights with additional flights on Tuesdays.
    The new Norwegian Dreamliners will leave Oslo Airport 5.30 CET, arriving John F. Kennedy Airport 8 hours later at 7.30 PM. 
    Return flights will leave 9.00 PM EST arriving 10.20 AM next morning.
    Norwegian Air Shuttle is the third airline flying Oslo-New York, competing with American Continental and Scandinavian Airlines.
    Oslo - Bangkok three times a week
    Thai will get competition on flights to Oslo. Photo: Mike Powell
    Norwegian Air Shuttle will be the second air carrier on flights Oslo-Bangkok. 
    Thai Airways started flights June 2009. Norwegian has planned non-stop flights to Bangkok as long, but nothing has materialized until now. 
    Norwegian will start two weekly flights from Oslo Airport June 1st 2013 on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
    From June 24th the airline will increase to three weekly flights with additional flights on Mondays.

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    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    The old (and new) Minot Light

    Replica of the top of the old Minot Ledge Light
    The present Minot Lighthouse is located on a granite rock off the coast of Cohasset and Scituate MA. When looking out she grows out of the sea and it is barely visible to the naked eye. The first tower was erected 1850 and disappeared ten years later in dramatic events. 
    The present Minot Light
    The present lighthouse from 1860 is shown here in rough weather, as often experienced on the North eastern part of New England.
    The first Minot lighthouse it stood just over a year, before a violent storm struck the Boston area April 17th 1851. The day after the storm, nothing was left of the lighthouse. Keepers Joseph Antoine and Joseph Wilson died during the incident.
    The new Minot Light appeared nearly a decade later, and has been there since, resisting the worst storms for 150 years. To keep the memory of the two keepers that disappeared that April night, a memorial has been erected in Cohasset Harbour.

    The Antoine and Wilson memorial consists of a stone as well as a replica of the top of the old Minot Light.

    Antoine and Wilson Memorial - stone
    The text on the stone says.

    Monday, November 19, 2012

    Trondheim, Norway from A-Z 2007-2012

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    I have visited Trondheim, Norway several times these last years, both on business and leisure. I will revisit this beautiful old city in November 2012. Here is a list of stories on bars, hotels, restaurants, sights and travel stories from Trondheim, Norway published on Enjoy Food & Travel 2007-2012. Enjoy!!

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    Wednesday, November 14, 2012

    Rating Bar Restaurant Cordano, Lima

    Bar Restaurant Cordano in the old part of Lima is not only a restaurant, it is an institution. It has served the citizen of Lima for over 100 years. It is a wonderful genuine place to eat or drink. Laila and I ended here twice, first time for a cold and very large pisco sour, the second for a cold beer and one of their legendary sandwiches. 
    Rating Bar Restaurant Cordano, Lima: BBBB+ (4,47 points)
    • Location: BBBBB
    • Service: BBBBB
    • Interior & comfort: BBB+
    • Food: BBBB+
    • Drinks: BBBBB
    The historic area of Lima
    Bar Restaurant Cordano is located in the historic centre of Lima, Peru
    Most of downtown Lima is accessible by taxi, and taking a longer cab ride will cost you a few euros or dollars.
    The historic centre is definitely worth seeing. Here you find buildings going back to the 16th century as the old cathedral
    Bar Restaurant Cordano has served food for 100 years
    Beware that parts of this area may be unsafe for tourists, but if you stay around the cathedral you will remain safe. 
    Here you find Bar Restaurant Cordano, a legendary bar and café, that has been around for over a century. 
    Entering Bar Restaurant Cordano is stepping back in time. The modern world is suddenly a far cry away as Bar Restaurant Cordano provides a wonderful and genuine experience for tourists visiting Lima. 
    The rustic interior of Bar Restaurant Cordano
    I loved the interior at Bar Restaurant Cordano. Ochre walls and patinated wooden details underline the fact that Bar Cordano has existed since 1905. 
    It was packed with people, a charming mix of tourists and locals seated on hard (and rather uncomfortable) chairs around small tables. 
    I have to commend the staff at Bar Restaurant Cordano. They were clearly familiar to tourists (our neigbours was a Iranian-American couple), and spoke excellent fluent English. 
    We enjoyed the interesting company of a young Peruvian waiter that had previously worked in the cruise industry, but had chosen to return to Lima to work at Bar Restaurant Cordano.
    Yum! Pisco Sour
    You can pop in for a drink at Bar Restaurant Cordano. The first time we visited, I chose a large class of Pisco Sour, the ultimate Peruvian cocktail (I urge for one, when looking at the picture).   
    We just stayed at Bar Restaurant Cordano to watch the locals, but we were determined to return as I watched a film clip in Lima on YouTube recommending a roll made with pork meat.
    Laila and I decided to return to Bar Restaurant Cordano one of our last days in Peru. We ordered a large beer and the famous roll. 
    The roll was made up by a large fine bun, marinated red onion, and thick slices of pork meat in abundance. 
    Laila and I were not particularly hungry so we decided to share, and I was happy we did, as it was too much for one of us. 
    Famous pork roll.......
    It am very happy we followed the advice given in the YouTube film clip.  The roll had  tastes we usually experience during Christmas. The pork meat was mouthwateringly tender. 
    Sharing this sandwich is perfect if you want to have a snack and something to drink while exploring historic Lima. Choose a large, refreshing cold Cuscena - delicious!!
    Bar Restaurant Cordano is an institution in old Lima serving food and drinks since 1905
    And it is extremely inexpensive to eat and drink at Bar Restaurant Cordano. You feel ashamed to get so much at such a price, so we overtipped them, and I think you should too.....
    I highly recommend a visit at Bar Restaurant Cordano when visiting Lima. It feels like one of the few genuine experiences we had, as Miraflores where we stayed, had much of the life style we enjoy in Europe. At Bar Restaurant Cordano you find what you came to see in Peru. 

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    Friday, November 09, 2012

    Marcolinis mouthwatering macarones

    Who can resist French macarones? I cannot. So I and my friend and Enjoy Food & Travel were trapped in sweet heaven in front of Pierre Marcolinis shop in downtown Paris, France. 
    Pierre Marcolini is a Belgian manufacturer of fine chocolates and macarones. You will find Pierre Marcolini shops in Belgium as well as in France, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Taiwan and Japan. For many of us, there is a long way to his shops, but if tempted, you can buy their products in on internet.  
    We were mesmerised by the beautiful display of small cakes and gift boxes in many different colours at the Pierre Marcolini shop in 89 Rue de Seine. For those of you that do not know, macarones are cakes made from egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar and almonds, and filled with butter cream. Macarones are often coloured with different food dyes.

    I really regret that I did not buy anything, when I visited Pierre Marcolini. But the truth is, that I doubt if these fragile cakes would have survived my trip home. 
    A lovely display of multi coloured macarones for sale at Pierre Marcolini
    Bold coloured gift boxes filled with assorted chocolates is also available at the Pierre Marcolini shops. 

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    Thursday, November 08, 2012

    SPECIAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Hotel Marlowe, Cambridge MA

    I loved the decor at Hotel Marlowe, traditional - warm and matching colour pallet in ochre, deep reds and dark blue with dark wood furniture, and exclusive soft textures.
    Browsing through hotels offered on, I was determined to treat myself to an ultimate hotel experience while staying in Boston. I am pleased to say that choosing to stay at Kimpton Hotel Marlowe provided me and my nephew with a treat. Enjoy Food & Travel award Hotel Marlowe our special recommendation joining a few other hotels I have stayed - and loved earlier.
    Hotel Marlowe - main entrance
    Rating Hotel Marlowe: BBBB (4,15 points)
    • Location: BBBB
    • Service: BBBBB
    • Room: BBBBB
    • Breakfast: N/A (Not included)
    • Facilities: BBBB+
    • Price: BB
    Hotel Marlowe  is located at Lechmere, the end point of the Bostons green line in Cambridge MA. 
    At Lechmere you are just a short walk away from the Science Museum and by the banks of the Charles River. 
    For the shopping mad I can reveal that Hotel Marlowe is connected to the neighbouring Cambridgeside Galleria, a large shopping mall. 
    Nearby you can admire this Charles River view
    If you are not in the mood for shopping a good alternative is a a morning walk along the river and admire the Boston skyline.
    Boston city centre is just a 10 minute ride away taking the Green line to Government Centre or Park Street and on to the busy Back Bay area.
    Attention to details
    I have to commend the Hotel Marlowe reception personnel for their kindness and exceptionelly good service. In fact, I do not remember last time I was met by such hospitality. They all gave us extraordinarily good service and the front desk even managed to secure a peak hour Saturday reservation for four at Legal Seafood by the Aquarium, a very popular place to dine.
    Tripadvisor had ranked Hotel Marlowe as the third best in Cambridge MA, and this combined with the presentation on the hotel website created high expectations. Our room met all our expectations. Hotel Marlowe provides EXCELLENT accommodation and EXCELLENT value for the money. 
    Even with rwo large double beds, our room felt spacious
    The reception offered to upgrade us to a suite, but it had a double as well as a sofa bed. A great offer, but I really wanted two double beds for my nephew and myself, for maximum comfort. We were, after all, to return to Europe the next day so we both needed a good nights sleep. 
    I enjoyed a free wi-fi offered at Hotel Marlowe
    So I chose an ordinary double room.  I do not know whether that was a good choice, but we were not disappointed by the ordinary double room.
    When I say ordinary, it is important to say that our room at Hotel Marlow was extraordinary. Room  and bathroom was 31 square meters or 333 square feet.  
    The room was large enough for both of us with two large double beds, desk, and minibar and still the room felt spacious. 
    The bathroom was relatively small but very well organized. I love to have a bath tub, as well as a shower and enough space for the stuff of two. 
    Mini-bar and flat screen TV
    I loved the decor at Hotel Marlowe, traditional - warm and matching colour pallet in ochre, deep reds and dark blue with dark wood furniture, and exclusive soft textures.
    It all seemed brand new, or extremely well maintained at Hotel Marlowe. Negligable wear and tear, cracks, and room was extremely well cleaned, with hardly no dust in spite of the carpet. 
    Breakfast was, as in most Americal hotels, not included in our price. 
    Hotel Marlowe offers facilities comparable to most first class hotels. You will have access to a fitness room, and you can book a range of spa services in the comfort of your guestroom. 
    Bathroom offered enough space for two
    If you want to relax without leaving the hotel, you can visit the inhouse bar and restaurant. 
    The Hotel Marlowe even offers free wine or beer served every evening from 5 to 6 p.m in the lobby.  We enjoyed a fresh bottle of beer before leaving for the airport to go back to Europe. 
    You will also enjoy good free wi-fi throughout the hotel. The only you to do is top enroll in the Kimpton Hotel loyalty program. 
    The reception, and rest area as well as rest of the rest of the Hotel Marlowe was extraordinarily tasteful, nay delicious in any way I know. 
    Hotel Marlowe - view from our room
    I paid $330 for our room (NOK 1894 / € 258), including taxes. This is usually much more than I would pay for accommodation. It is however, in my experience,  reasonable for a hotel room in a major American city as Boston and Hotel Marlowe is definitely worth the price.  
    Special Recommendation for Hotel Marlowe
    Enjoy Food & Travel award Hotel Marlowe our  special recommendation, and join a few other hotels I have stayed - and loved earlier.

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    Saturday, November 03, 2012

    Spanish Vueling will fly to two Norwegian destinations in 2013

    A Vueling Airbus A320-214. Photo: Barcex
    Spanish Vueling will start 28 direct flights from Barcelona in 2013, two of them are Norwegian. 
    Air carrier Vueling is partly owned by Iberia. The budget airline will from next year fly to 28 destinations throughout Europe and Africa. 
    Among these destinations are the two main cities in Norway, Bergen and Oslo. 
    Vuelig will meet hard competition on flights from Oslo to Barcelona, as Scandinavian Airlines as well as Norwegian Air Shuttle operate flights between the two cities. 
    Vueling will fly non-stop from Bergen in competition with Norwegian Air Shuttle.

    Friday, November 02, 2012

    Norwegian Air Shuttle offers new destinations from spring 2013

    The wealthy merchant Jens Bang built this magnificent Renaissance building in Aalborg in 1624. Photo: Dr. Jost Hindersmann Krimidoedel
    Norwegian will start direct flights between Oslo Airport to Gotland, Sweden and Aalborg, Denmark from coming spring and summer. The air carrier will also return to the Svalbard Archipelago in 2013.  
    Polar bear warning. Photo: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen
    Norwegian Air Shuttle will fly daily except Saturdays to Aalborg from April 2013, challenging Danish Sun Air that has two daily flights to Aalborg. 
    Norwegian Air Shuttle will start flights every Thursday and Sunday to Visby, Gotland from June 23rd through August 15th. Norwegian Widerøe has been the only airline offering flights from Oslo to Gotland.

    The most exotic destination for Norwegian Air Shuttle is the Svalbard archipelago, far north of mainland Norway. From March 1st 2013 the air carrier will fly Oslo Longyearbyen every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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    Wednesday, October 31, 2012

    Making a pumpkin for Halloween

    The scary pumpkins of Scituate MA. My nephews mask on top
    Today it's Halloween. 10 days ago my nephew and my cousins carved their scary pumpkins at the deck of my cousins house in Scituate MA. It was the first time I experienced thids old ritual, and I took a few photos in order to give you a making-your-own-pumpkin-for-halloween lesson. Today the pumpkins will be lit outside my cousins house in Scituate, while we are back in Norway.  
    The first you do is to line up your personal scary pumpkin face. You can choose a traditional face, but ny nephew has here drawn the eyebrow, and started to outline the scary smile of his pumpkin.
    One scary eye completed, another in process. At this point of the process I have to admit I wondered how he would manage to carve out the eye ball, but he did succeed (at least with a tooth pick at hand)
    After the artistic process, it was time to get scary. The young guys grabbed a knife and started on the nitty-gritty, removing the scalp of the pumpkin to create the ultimate Halloween decoration 
    If you wondered how a giant pumpkin looks inside - have a peek! Scalp off and seeds are ready to be removed
    The scary smile has appeared on the pumpkins face, and my nephew has started the complicated process to create the eye of the monster
    Two scary pumpkins ready for Halloween (my nephews on top)  with two eye balls - what a brilliant job
    The third pumpkin suffered from a serious hangover due to too many Samuel Adams Boston Lagers
    And do not throw away the pumpkin seeds. Salted and baked they are delicious snacks
    Happy Halloween, everybody. Send us a thought when you look at these pumpkins...!!

    UPDATED: New England and New York State on Enjoy Food & Travel 2006-2012

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    I visited New England 19th to 28th October 2012. This was my 31st trip to Northern New England since 1988. I stayed, as ever, with my family in the small cities of Salisbury MA on Boston’s north shore and Scituate MA located on Boston’s south shore. It has been a great trip and I have much to share here on Enjoy Food & Travel. Here is a complete list of stories from New England from my  journeys in the years 2006 to 2012.

    Food stories

    Monday, October 22, 2012

    History and traditions of New England

    One reason for me coming back to New England over and over again is the regions history and traditions. In one of the churches at Harvard University I found this stone commemorating the man that the university was named after, John Harvard.   
    Southwark Cathedral, London. Photo GeeJo
    John Harvard was baptised in Southwark Cathedral in London November 6th 1607. The present church dates back to around 1200.

    John Harvards father was Robert Harvard (1562–1625), a butcher and tavern owner, and his wife Katherine Rogers (1584–1635), was a native of Stratford-upon-Avon whose father Thomas Rogers (1540–1611) may have been an associate of Shakespeare's father.

    He traveled to America in 1637, where he died in 1638 only 31 years old. John Harvard left a considerable amount of money towards establishing a school in New Towne, and this school developed into the prestigious university.  

    Harvard freshmen of 2012 in front of the Harry Elkins Widener Library