Friday, December 02, 2011

WizzAir starts two new direct flights from Norway to Poland

Photo:, Gdansk City Hall
WizzAir will starts two new non-stop flights from Haugesund and Trondheim to Gdansk April 4th 2012.
Hungarian air carrier WizzAir add two new airports to its operations, as it connects the city of Gdansk by the Baltic Sea to Haugesund and Trondheim from April 4th 2012. Flights from Haugesund will go every Wednesday and Sunday, and from Trondheim every Thursday and Sunday.
Gdansk lies on the southern edge of the Baltic Sea, forming with the city of Gdynia, and the spa town of Sopot a metropolitan area called the Tricity with over 800,000 inhabitants. Gdańsk has a population of 455,830, making it the largest city in the Pomerania region of Northern Poland. 

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rating the Inn at Harvard, Cambridge MA

I love the area around Harvard Square. I have so many good memories from the world best university, and I was determined to share some of my memory with my nephew Erling that traveled with me to the US this October. I wanted us to have one night in a nice hotel, and I was pleased to get a comfortable hotel room at the Inn at Harvard. It was pricy, indeed, to stay there ($335 per night), but it was all in all a pleasant hotel experience.  

Rating the Inn at Harvard: BBBB (4,10 points)
  • Location: BBBBB
  • Service: BBBBB
  • Room: BBBBB-
  • Facilities: BBBB- 
  • Price: BB
    The Inn at Harvard is a relatively new Georgian/Colonial-style building located just a short walk away from Harvard Square and the T-station. Take the red line from South Station or Park street, direction Alewife, and you reach Harvard T-station in 10-15 minutes.

    The Harvard Square area is probably one of the most charming areas in Greater Boston. This is the heartland of America, with roots going back nearly 400 years.

    The rooms of the Inn at Harvard face towards the neighbouring streets and are located around a large atrium with a glass ceiling. Here you are offered dining area, as well as comfortable seating to rest and even work-space.

    All staff offered polite and excellent service. If ordering anything, as I did, service 22% was included in the price, so there was no need to tip. Very comfortable for us Europeans, not used to the extensive system found in the US.

    I stayed at the Inn with my nephew and I had booked a room with separate double beds. I am pleased to say that it felt like a “mini-suite” a generously-sized room, with a small hall, bathroom, and a separate storage room, all in a classic style. Neutral colours on walls, furniture in dark, warm wood, golden fabrics and a deep blue wall to wall carpet.

    A good desk provided a comfortable working space, and it also offered a large flat screen TV. Beds were very comfortable. There was a spacious storage room in the small hall, with two white bathrobes available for guests. Bathroom was smaller, with white tiles. Bathtub is an extra bonus, as you may treat yourself to a steaming warm tub after a hectic day roaming the city.  

    The premises were well cleaned, and had minor needs of maintenance work. The tiling at the bathroom had small cracks by the end of the bathtub.

    Paying US 337 for one night, I would have expected to have breakfast included in the price. This is almost never the case in the US, and I would have regarded it a plus, if it had been the case at the Inn at Harvard.  Those who chose to have breakfast at the hotel, did so in the atrium area.

    This large open space is certainly an asset for the Inn and offers drink and you can even order lunch or dinner. If you want to get out of your room, you can order a glass of wine and sink into the comfortables chairs or sofas and indulge in a good book, as I did.

    There is a small fitness room, but my nephew did not find the selection of machines to be satisfactory. There is nothing like a spa, sauna or a pool in the hotel.

    There is good wireless internet access throughout the hotel, and if you have not brought your own computer, you can use a few PCs in the atrium.

    I found the stay at the I found my stay very agreeable. I did, however, find that charging $337 for one night is quite steep, bearing in mind that breakfast is not included. The location is great, and the room was spacious, making my stay at the Inn at Harvard the best this year.

    Inn at Harvard
    1201 Massachusetts Avenue
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    (617) 491-2222

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    Monday, November 28, 2011


    Goodies packed with blue cheese flavour
    You are what you eat, or that is what some claim. In that case I am just junk. I have a tendency to get addicted to highly suspicious varieties of snacks, like these filled cheese crackers I picked up at the local Carrefour Supermarket in Ferney-Voltaire. We (my friend Ketil and I) ate one box each evening we spent there, to glasses of cold, sparkly bubbly.

    Small crispy balls with goat's cheese and pepper
    You are what you eat, and I am most definitely not green, as I sincerely do not catch the point with green salads, at least those served at home. The point of food is taste and consistency, and in my mind green salad has nada - none of the two!

    Cheezy Crackerz, however, tastes more cheese than most cheeses do, and when you have cracked the surface of one open, your toungue find the most delicious creamy stuff inside.

    The packages of crackers I bought at Carrefour at Ferney-Voltaire gave you an addictive user dose of highly enriched blue cheese and goat’s cheese flavours. I do not know what they use as aromas (and I am most certain it is not real cheese), but those packages are addictive. You just open up a packet, take the first nibble and gets a complete kick. Bam-wham, you have devoured all the cheezy, crizpy crackerz and you sit there, knowing just that wasn’t such a good idea.

    Not a good idea, but I know that I most certainly have a hard time staying away from the crispy gaufrettes if I am close to a Carrefour Supermarket, and I recommend them to other junkies. They are most definitely edible!!