Friday, September 16, 2011

The wicket Danish sandwiches at Lurblæseren

Restaurant Lurblæseren is located at Strøget in Copenhagen, the city's famous pedestrian area and tourist trap. I was served a few wicked sandwiches for lunch here, on my last trip to the Danish capital. Wicked, yes in its abundance of food placed on top of a slice of bread.

I always order traditional Danish open sandwiches when I visit any town in Denmark. 
The Danes have developed their sandwiches even further than their fellow Norwegians and Swedes, that also share this culinary traditions. In Denmark, you are not supposed to see the slice of bread.

This was certainly the case at Lurblæseren. The Plaice-sandwich (above) had to large and crispy fish fillets piled on top of a slice of bread. The lettuce under was a healthy alibi for the breaded, deep fried fish and the mayonnaise based remoulade.

The liver-paté sandwich (right) had similarly one lettuce leaf, under a generous amount of warm paté, bacon, pickled cucumbers and fried mushrooms. God, how I yearn for a Danish sandwich, with a dripping cold pint and a shot of Aalborg Aquavit.

Frederiksberggade 27
1459 København K

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Delicious home made sashimi

Scallops and tuna sliced into a delicious sashimi starter
Making sushi requires skills, whereas preparing sashimi, you basically need a very sharp knife. Back in 2007 I was given a Japanese knife with a ceramic blade. With this precision instrument, I can slice meat, fish or vegetables wafer thin.

I love sushi and sashimi, and I have made sashimi several time as an appetizing starter. When serving raw fish and shellfish, make absolutely sure that all ingredients are fresh.

On the starter on the picture above, I bought fresh tuna at my local supermarket. I used frozen scallops allowed to thaw over night. Then I used my white bladed Japanese knife, and cut the red tun and the snow white scallops in wafter thin slices and arranged them on my white china. 
This time I used a pesto dressing, but I do recommend (and prefer) drops of soy and sweet chilli sauce and sesame oil. Do also place a dollop of brightly green and exceedingly hot wasabi paste.  

Home made sashimi is a light and delicious starter. You may use other fish, as salmon, cod, halibut or turbot. but make sure that it is very fresh or recently frozen, in order to avoid food poisoning. 

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Marrakech from A-Z 2010-2011

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On this map you find links to all stories from Marrakech, Morocco published on Enjoy Food & Travel. This includes stories on, where to eat, stay, what to buy and what to see during your visit to this beautiful North African destination. 

There are non-stop flights from most major European destinations to Marrakech-Menara Airport from fall to spring. A visit during summer is not recommended, as temperatures may soar to 40-50 degrees Celsius (102-120F). From Norway Norwegian Air Shuttle have two weekly flights from Oslo Airport.

Rating Bougainvillea Café, Marrakech

Colourful Moroccan tiles surrounded by lush greenery at Bougainvillea Café
Bougainvillea Café is a popular café located in the Marrakech souq. It is set in a beautiful courtyard dcorated in a typical Moroccan style. The food, was, however a disappointment. Bougainvillea Café is great for a cold refreshment, but go elsewhere for lunch or dinner. 
Rating Bougainvillea Café: BBBB- (3,52 points)
  • Location: BBBB
  • Service: BBB
  • Interior & atmosphere: BBB+
  • Food: BBBB-
Features of the rustic interior of the courtyard
Bougainvillea Café is located in the maze of narrow streets and alleys of the old bazaars of Marrakech. You can easily reach it by foot from Djemaa el Fna, only a 10 minute walk away.

Bougainvillea Café is a beautiful place for a cup of coffee or a cold resfment. You find yourself in a beautiful traditional courtyard with white painted walls and brown rounded windows and doors. You are seated on brightly coloured chairs by small round tables scattered over the paving.

Decent service, ordering food swiftly and we were served without having to wait for very long.

Beef with French fries and vegetable skewer
We ordered French style food, and water, as wine or beer are not served at Bougainvillea Café.

I was served a large slab of beef, with fries and a skewer with grilled onions and tomatoes.

Deliciosly crispy fries, and the beef was tender and succulent, but it did not taste very much, at least not compared with what you may enjoy of local cuisine packed with aromatic spices.

When dining in Marrakech, I would highly recommend the Moroccan restaurants. They serve authentic food at very reasonable prices. The food on places like Bougainvillea Café cannot compare with a delicious tagine or couscous, but it is perfect for a hot cup of Moroccan coffee or mint tea or a refreshing cold glass of orange juice in the shade.

Bougainvillea Café
33 rue Mouassine Medina
Place Jemaa El Fna, Marrakech, Morocco

Bougainvillea is rated as number 210 of 229 restaurants in Marrakech
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