Saturday, September 03, 2011

A 50th Anniversary buffet menu

                Norwegian prawns are on the menu on my 50th anniversary
I turned 50 in July, but I have decided to celebrate this event with my friends this September. As the first date approaches, I will share the buffet menu for the party today, Saturday September 3rd.
My meatballs Cosa Nostra - a dish to die for
Hot dishes
Salmon mousse served on toasts
Cold dishes
  • Green salad
  • Meat aspic with homemade mayonnaise
    Read more on Aspic here
  • Norwegian prawns and freshwater crawfish with homemade mayonnaise
  • Olives
  • Salmon mousse
    Find recipe here
  • Sliced Spanish chorizo and boiled ham with scrambled eggs

  • Cheese cake with fresh fruit and jelly
  • Chocolate gateau with frosting
  • Spanish Cava
  • Red wine
  • White wine
  • Beer
  • Mineral water

Friday, September 02, 2011

Ground chicken and bacon meatloaf - an easy and cheap dish

Mix ground meat, eggs, and potato starch to make a meatloaf
Making a meatloaf is probably one of the easiest ways to use ground beef. Here you just mix all the ingredients in a food processor. Instead of shaping the ground beef mix into meatballs or larger sized hamburgers you just place it all in a bread tin and bake in the oven. If you do not eat it all, leftovers are great the day after and even the day after the day you made it, both reheated or on your sandwich.

I have not made meatloaves in months or even years. Recently I have rediscovered this great classic. I made two loaves using slightly different ingredients and both ended up great. Here is the one I made with ground chicken.

Ground chicken and bacon meatloaf (3-4 servings, around 600 grams / 1,5 lb’s)

In Norway ground chicken meat is getting more and more popular. It is preferable to ground beef as a healthier option.

To prepare my Ground chicken and bacon meatloaf, I mixed 400 grams (0,9 lb) ground chicken meat, 100 grams bacon (3,5 oz), 3 cloves of garlic, one medium sized onion, 5 cl. (2 liquid oz) leftover passata, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp potato starch / flour, and seasoning into a smooth mixture using a food processor.

Seasoning: In order to spice it up I flavoured the meatloaf with Moroccan spices. 1 tbsp ground ginger, 1 tbsp harissa powder, 2 - 3 tsp (teaspoons!) salt (beware, as the bacon adds extra salt to the mix), and 2 tsp pepper. If you want it hotter add enough harissa and/or dried chillis to tickle your pallet.

Place in a bowl, cover with cling-film and allow the mixture to rest for 1-2 hours in your refrigerator.

Place in a non-stick bread tin. If you want, cover the tin with slices of bacon.

Place in a larger baking dish filled with water (bain-marie), and bake in a medium hot oven (175C / 340F) for around one hour. Check that it is cooked thorough by making an incision with a pin and check that the core is hot.

Allow the meatloaf to rest 10 minutes before you remove it from the tin. Serve with a salad, your favourite sauce, and potatoes or rice.

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Thursday, September 01, 2011

COMING UP SEPTEMBER 2011: City Living Schøller Hotel, Trondheim

Room at City Living  Schøller Hotel. Photo: Hotel website
In September, I will attend a conference in Trondheim, in the mid part of Norway. Trondheim once was the religious capital in the country with the shrine of Saint Olaf and Nidaros Cathedral. Here I will stay at City Living Hotel Schøller

The city Living Hotels offers budget accommodation in Trondheim and Tromsø. The City Living Schøller Hotel in the city centre by Stiftsgården, the city manor house of the Schøller family. The hotel offers 50 rooms and small flats. All rooms have water kettle, refrigerator, and TV. Flats have or have access to a kitchenette. 

I have booked a single room and I will stay there for two days. I paid NOK 640 per night (EUR 82,40 / USD 119,60). Breakfast is not served at the hotel, but it is still half price of what you would have to pay in a regular hotel.

I will share my City Living Hotel Schøller experience with you here on Enjoy Food & Travel early October.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UPDATED AUGUST 2011: Non-stop flights from Trondheim Airport

View  AUGUST 2011: All direct flights from Trondheim Airport Værnes in a larger map

On this map you find domestic and international direct flights operated by all airlines from Værnes Airport, Trondheim.

This map is based on information from the Airport official website. Errors may occur. Do consult airport website or airline for updated information.

Red marker means that flights has been cancelled or seasonal and not in operation. Green marker for planned services. Yellow marker means that flights are seasonal and in operation. Airplane marker means that service is in operation all year around.

Positive interest for Estonian Air flights Trondheim - Tallinn

Lennart Meri Airport Tallinn. Photo: Hannu

Estonian Air opens flights from Trondheim to Tallinn, Estonia September 5th 2011. So far, there has been positive interest for this new destination. (Source:, August 17th 2011)

The National Estonian air carrier launched their new destination in June. Estonian Air's new Bombardier CRJ 900 will fly every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday between Trondheim and Tallinn, the capital of the Baltic republic of Estonia.

There has, according to Estonian Air's PR manager Ilona Eskelinen, been a very positive interest for this new service. The company hopes to attract leisure travelers as well as business passengers flying on to destinations ins neighbouring Russia.  

Fly on with Estonia Air from Tallinn to: 
  • Amsterdam (NL)
  • Brussels (BE)
  • Copenhagen (DK)
  • Kiev-Boryspil (UK)
  • Kuressaare (EST)
  • London-Gatwick (UK)
  • Milan-Malpensa (IT)
  • Moscow-Sheremetyevo (RU)
  • Oslo-Gardermoen (NO)
  • St Petersburg (RU)
  • Stockholm-Arlanda (SE)
  • Tartu (EST)
  • Vilnius (LT)
  • Barcelona  (ES) (Seasonal)
  • Berlin-Tegel (DE) (Seasonal)
  • Nice (FR) (Seasonal)
  • Paris-Charles de Gaulle (FR) (Seasonal)

October 2011: Flybe Nordic opens direct flight Trondheim - Helsinki

Photo: Aerial view of Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Vantaa, Finland by Migro 
October 30th 2011 passengers in Trondheim will get a non-stop service to Helsinki Airport Vantaa. From there they may travel on to destinations in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States. (Source, August 24th 2011)
Air carrier Flybe Nordic is a Finnish airline owned by Flybe and Finnair. It will now offer flights with a ATR-72 four days a week from Værnes Airport in Trondheim in codeshare with Finnair. The air carrier plans to extend the number of flights from next summer.

From Helsinki passengers may travel on to a large number of destinations in Australia, Asia, the United States and Europe.

See map of Finnair's destinations here
Going to Helsinki soon?
See how to get the city centre by this little video

Monday, August 29, 2011

Cohasset - an old town on Boston's south shore

The coastline of Northern New England are scattered with small, quaint and very old towns. Many of the date back to the earliest times of what was to become the United States of America. One of these towns is Cohasset, on Boston’s south shore.

Quiet Cohasset street after Halloween 2011
The area was supposedly seen before the first settlers arrived at Plymouth with the Mayflower in 1620.

After the the co-founder of Jamestown in Virginia, Captain John Smith returned to the Americas from England he made a trip along the New England area in 1614 and is supposed to have explored the area around Cohasset.

The town's name is derived from the native-American Algonquian language. The word "Conahasset," means "long rocky place”. The town was founded in 1670, and is today an affluent Boston suburb. The wealth of the area is particularly visible if driving Jerusalem Road with large mansions facing the rocky Atlantic coastline.

I love New England towns like Cohasset, and if you have made visit and have that strange feeling that you have been here before, you may be right if you have enjoyed the film Witches of Eastwick.

Many of the scenes of this film were shot here, encapsulating the magic of New England. The few streets of the town centre are lined with beautiful and sometimes strange wooden buildings, some very old, after American standard.

Here are a few of Cohasset's historic buildings

The First Paris Meeting house on the Cohasset Common is built around 1750. Photo: John Phelan
Left: Captain Wilson House (1810). Right: Maritime Museum (1760)
The impressive Saint-Stephens Episcopal Church built 1899
A strange old house found by Cohasset railway station

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Norwegian Air Shuttle ends all flights from Moss-Rygge Airport

- And may move all traffic to Torp-Sandefjord Airport

Norwegian Air Shuttle has finally reached a conclusion. All flights from Moss-Rygge Airport will end by January 12th 2011, leaving the airport entirely to Ryanair. It that a smart move?

Ryanair made Moss-Rygge Airport its Norwegian base in 2009. Since them the budget air carrier has moved most of its flights from former hub Sandefjord-Torp on the other side of the Oslo fjord.

One of Ryanair's fiercest competitors have been Norwegian Air Shuttle, but the Norwegian budget airline has gradually been outgrown by Ryanair since 2009. Rumors have it that the Irish airline has been granted better terms than its Norwegian rival.

The airport management  at Moss-Rygge has from now on to rely solely on Ryanair to maintain traffic, in my mind a risky strategic move.

This as Norwegian Air Shuttle finally has decided to close its 7 remaining services from Moss-Rygge Airport this fall, latest flights departing from Moss-Rygge Airport January 2nd at the latest.

Now they are considering moving their flights to Torp-Sandefjord Airport.

Following Norwegian Air Shuttle flights will end from Moss-Rygge-Airport: 
- Aeropuerto Alicante Altet (Spain). See previous story on Enjoy Food & Travel 
- Aeropuerto de Malaga (Spain)
- Antalya Airport (Turkey)
- Flesland Airport, Bergen (Norway)
- Nice International Airport (France). See previous story on Enjoy Food & Travel
- Palanga Airport (Lithuania)
- Værnes Airport Trondheim (Norway)

We will return with more information on final dates on each flight