Saturday, July 23, 2011

Egglet with frankfurters

Dagfinn's delicious egglette with German sausages
My good friend Dagfinn certainly knows how to make a good egg, sunny side up. He prepared a delicious "egglette" with Danish bangers for breakfast when staying at our summer home.
Why should breakfast be the most neglected meal during the day? Just because you've just opened you  eyes and are in a hurry, you should enjoy the morning meal as much as the others you have during the day. I always do. Thin slices with dark rye bread with cheese, salami or ham, freshly made Nespresso lungo and a glass of orange juice will provide energy until noon.
During weekends however, you are allowed to indulge even more at daybreak. Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer Dagfinn Skoglund certainly loves his breakfast alright. Fried eggs, sunny side up, sprinkled with cheddar cheese, and sausages from one of his many shopping trips to Fredrikshavn in Denmark.

This time it was a banger made according to how they are made in Frankfurt am Main, fried in a hot pan. If that does not quell your appetite, I do not know what will.
Breakfast muffin with low glycemic index
I tried another intriguing variety of stirred eggs or Oeuf en Cocotte. Take two small ramekins (or 4 if you are making eggs for two). Line the side with one slice of bacon, and the bottom with one half slice. In this way it will not stick.

Pour one egg into each ramekin, season and sprinkle Parmesan or cheddar cheese on top. Bake in a hot oven (180C / 360F) until the white is set. Then you can just take a knife around the edge and take out your own egg and breakfast to fit your own English muffin.     

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Dagfinn Sigridsson Skoglund is 50 years old (forever) and is living in a studio apartment in downtown Oslo. He is working as a designer and art teacher, and is an excellent cook.

Dagfinn is a passionate lover of music, botany and is an experienced traveler - and he hates popcorn!