Friday, July 08, 2011

Have a great summer!

Sunset over Oslo, June 2011

Enjoy Food & Travel will take a short summer break and will be back August 1st 2011

Lamps from Marrakech lights up the summer night
Enjoy Food & Travel would wish all of our readers a great summer. We will be back late July with more stories from Europe, America and Africa.

Our vacation will be spent partly by the Mediterranean, and partly in our summer home on South Eastern coast of Norway. The weather has been very bad in June, but we are optimistic for the rest of our vacation in July.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Marrakech: The Mellah district

An ancient gate in the Marrakechi Mellah
 The Mellah districts found in some Moroccan cities are monuments of a tragic past of this countries fascinating history. The name of these districts is derived from Arabic ملاح, probably from the word ملح, Arabic for "salt", and were the walled ghettos of the Jewish population of Morocco.

There was only one Ghetto in Morocco until 1557, when the Mellah in Marrakech was founded. It is located west of the Kasbah district, close to the Baadi Palace and the Saadian graves. It is a maze of narrow alleyways and streets. We were tricked into this maze by a young man, presenting himself as "no guide, or no street vendor", but his intentions was to lure us to visit his family's shop.

But during our walk through the Mellah we were intrigued by the quarters. What we did not know was that there was a synagogue and a Jewish cemetery to be found here. Only a small number of Jews remained in the area however. Many moved to the port town of Casablanca and even further to Israel. A few more Moroccan jews are living in the modern parts of Marrakech.

I will return to the Mellah next time I go to Marrakech, and try to locate the synagogue and the cemetery.  The nice man that wanted to show us his home, the Mellah, turned to us when we did not want to buy something in his family's shop, for the only reason that we felt tricked, but the images of ancient streets we passed on our way prevail. 

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Monday, July 04, 2011

WizzAir may fly from Torp to Beograd and Vilnius summer 2012

Photo_: Arpingstone

While Ryanair is moving flights from Sandefjord-Torp Airport to Rygge Airport, Hungarian air carrier WizzAir is extending its activity from Torp Airport. Several destinations may be launched from the coming winter season, Belgrade and Vilnius being the most likely new flights. This according to Norwegian Tønsberg Blad. 

Ryanair has been the dominant carrier at Torp airport the last decade. As Moss Rygge Airport has grown, the Irish airline has moved its activity across the Oslo fjord. WizzAir started its first flights in 2006, and may expand its its activity by launching more flights. Ryanair will operate six flights from Torp Airport from this winter season, WizzAir may flight to seven destinations.

Belgrade in Serbia, and Vilnius in Lithuania may be the first two destinations from Torp, but WizzAir's plans may also include airports in Bulgaria and Rumania.  This according to the airline's main representative in Norway. 

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