Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Grilled sandwiches at D'Angelo

D'Angelo's brand as printed on my sandwich wrapping 
D’Angelo is a New England fast food chain. The first opened its doors as Ma Riva's Sub Shop on March 1, 1967, in Dedham, Massachusetts. The philosophy was to "put the best quality meats, cheeses and toppings in the freshest breads and serve it friendly and fast." It serves sandwiches, salads, wraps made to order. I grabbed a sandwich at its shop at Boston Bus Terminal. It was cheap, but that was it!

Rating D'Angelo: BBB- (2,86 points)
  • Location: BBB+
  • Service: BB
  • Atmosphere: BB+
  • Food: BB+
Boston Bus Terminal
D'Angelo's has shops scattered over New England. One is located in Boston Bus terminal.

Bus terminals are in general not the most charming places to dine, rather the opposite. Boston Bus Terminal has a brilliant location, in downtown, but it is primarily a place to gather. D'Angelo here consists of a counter and a few tables in a bare room.

Service offered in a fast food chain is not much to talk of. You order, wait, and are served by the counter - politely, but with no smile.

Then you get you wrapped sandwich and sit down on a hard bench to eat before you go.

I ordered a Grilled steak and Vermont cheddar cheese - a toasted classic. It was inexpensive, but hardly what you could call delicious. Melted cheese, that sticked to the wrapping, very little taste neither from cheese nor grilled steak. 

The Grilled steak and Vermont cheddar cheese toasted sandwich was stomach providing carbohydrates, fat, and proteins on your way to your destination, without tickling your taste buds. If you accept that deal, buy your D'Angelo sandwich. If not, try the food court at the adjoining South Station. Here you may get better deals, with better taste. 

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trouble with Google

How a user of the new blogger editor would have felt in the Middle Ages

Wonder why my website look a little disorganized at this moment? For you information, I am doing my best, but the new Google blogger editor simply does not deliver. 

I have used blogger since 2006 and been very satisfied. With the new editor, however, things are changing. As Google is difficult to get in touch with, I am not sure whether this will be easy to change.

When downloading pictures, they may locate themselves on strange places, very different to where I intented them to be. This will look very strange to you. Likewise space between blocs of texts will vary from none - to the double of what I intended it to be. Lately, the Google maps have started to show weird signs as well.

This is for your information, but I still hope texts and information are what matters for you. So bear over with the rather strange impression you may get. It is really Google's fault.

Incidentally. If any of Google's staff may come over this article they may contact me by leaving their direct mail on the remark. I will be more than glad to help them to recreate blogger as a better editor for the future. 

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hotels in Brussels

Facade - NH Stephanie Photo: Company website
I have very good experiences with Brussels hotels. Compared to neighbouring Paris, you can get weekend rates at very comfortable prices. As Brussels is the European capital, rates may be two, three even four times during the working week. Standard is generally very good. Here are a few hotels to consider if you want to book a room in Brussels.

NH Stephanie Hotel - room. Photo: Company website
NH Stephanie Hotel

This hotel was former known as Golden Tulip Stephanie. We stayed here around 10 years ago, and it seems to have been given a total makeover since then.

It has an excellent location, in a small side street to the exclusive shopping area around Avenue Louise. The Louise metro station is only a 5-minute walk away. The Rue Jean Stas, has a number of small charming restaurants and bars where you might take a late meal or a drink.

The room we had was a little small, but reasonably priced and definitely worth the price back then. It included a delicious breakfast in a small breakfast room.  

NH Stephanie Hotel is now one of the top choices by tripadvisor, where it is ranked as number 10 of 208 hotels. 

NH Stephanie Hotel
32 Rue Jean Stas. 1060 Brussels (Belgium)

Breakfast room - view. Photo: Company website
Floris Arlequin Grand'Place Brussels

This small hotel has also been given a makeover since I stayed there. It is squeezed into a narrow building by the Grand Place.

I stayed there in business, and was given a very small single room with a very dated interior, but it was sufficient for me.

The real plus for this hotel is the breakfast room. Located on the roof of the building, you have a fabulous view over the old centre of the Belgian capital. With this location you are so near to so many of the sights of Brussels as well as the Central Station.

Floris Arlequin Grand'Place Brussels is ranked as number 10 of 208 hotels on tripadvisor.  


Floris Arlequin Grand'Place Brussels

Facade. Photo: Company website
Rue de la Fourche 17-19 Brussels

Ibis Brussels off Grand' Place hotel

Ibis Brussels off Grand' Place hotel is a budget hotel by hotel Grand Place.  I stayed there during a business trip five years ago.

I had just stayed in the Royal Windsor Grand Place Hotel, and I think this seriously affected my impression of this hotel.

Ibis Brussels off Grand' Place hotel has a great location, with the Grand Place on its doorstep. The interior is very simple and impersonal. Still it provides accommodation at a very reasonable price. 

Ibis Brussels off Grand' Place hotel is ranked as number 61 of 208 hotels on tripadvisor.   

Ibis Brussels off Grand' Place hotel
Grasmarkt 100 / Rue du Marché aux Herbes 100,
Brussels 1000, Belgium

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