Friday, April 15, 2011

Chicken carcass for sale - real budget food!

Dead cheap birds for sale!
This may be a business option for those of you that waste good leftovers by chucking away a carcass of chicken. In Sitges they sell them in the market. Why not? Much of the meat is gone, but much taste remain for a good chicken stock.

Waste not, want not, is the motto of the new consumer world. In the good old days they had a completely different attitude. They used everything on an animal, even the bones, to prepare stock for a sauce or a good soup.

Some master chefs still do, as Nigella Lawson that love fried pig ears, and she freeze down chicken leftovers for later use. So do I.

Nowhere have I seen this as a business option before I found this butchers shop in Sitges, where you could by one or several chicken carcasses and bring home. It is good to see that there is an attitude and a market for products like these.

Do you wander how to make a good stock?

Watch this film clip from youtube

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sitges food market

Foods in Sitges food market may make your mouth water
When you have gotten enough of sun, sand, and sea in Sitges, you should visit the large food hall in Sitges. Here you can get a glance of what culinary products Catalonia may offer you. A great place on your last day of your stay. Maybe you can bring a taste of Spain with you!

Cold cuts
Cold cuts for sale in one of the butchers at the market. Pit de Gall, is, according to google, cold ham, here made from Turkey meat, here for sale from 10-17 euros a kilo, a real bargain, if you ask me.

Delicious cold cuts
This is food that really goes a very long way. A similar product would have been sold for twice or three times the price here in Norway.  

Another product is Pernil extra Llauna, supposedly (according to google) a boiled ham. The Mortadella d'Oliva is a real treat, a large Italian style sausage with large cubes of fat  with pistachio nuts  or as here olives, served in very thin slices.  

These are products that are easily spoiled and need refrigeration, and therefore not very easy to get home. Try to find a good chorizo or cured ham instead. It will keep for weeks, even months, and can take hours without cooling and still have good quality.


Frozen battered calamaris ready to be fri
Fried squid or cuttlefish is a real treat. Crisp on the outside, soft and tender on the inside (if you have not over cooked them). Serve them hot, with a quarter of a lemon and with sauce remoulade.

In my hometown Oslo, you can buy them frozen and in large quantities. At Sitges food market you can just ask for a handful or two, enough for one dinner. Easy and convenient. You pay around 12 Euros a kilo, and that amount will feed 3-4, depending on their appetite. A really inexpensive snack!

Catalan cheese

Spain has a wide range of cheeses to choose fro
Cheese is also food that is convenient to bring home with you, and Spain has many to choose from. I do recommend hard cheeses as these seen on the picture, as the famous Manchego, resembling the Italian Parmigiano.

Cheese as Manchego can be eaten with bread or cubed and served as a tapas dish.

Cheeses as these are in general more expensive than many fresh meats and cold cuts. A kilo may cost you way over 20 Euros a kilo.

Cansalada salada - lard or fat streaky bacon?

Cansalada Salada is not you typical politically correct foods. This is very fat bacon borderline lard.

Delicious streaky bacon
Funny enough, Italians and Spaniards are much thinner than most Northern Europeans, but many enjoy some of the most fat diets you can think of. Industrial amounts of olive oil, and products as these.

Italians consider solid cured and salted pigs fat a real delicacy. They cut extremely thin slices of lardo and serve them on hot toast, and the heat makes the salt lard melt into the bread.

Some told me once that saturated fats as these will turn into polyunsaturated fats if salted and cured. It may be an excuse to indulge in a product as this. I wonder whether it is used as bacon as in eggs and bacon or used in another way. Maybe some of my Catalan readers may inform me?   

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lunch next weekend in Oslo? Try Food Story!

Photo: Company website
I had visitors from out of town last weekend. They had read a favourable review of the restaurant Food Story in the paper, so we decided to give it a try. Informal, uncomfortable, rustic are words to describe the experience, and the food was great and reasonably priced. 25 EUR for a "all-you-can-eat" tapas menu is not bad!

Rating: Food Story: BBBB (4,02 points)
  • Location: BBBB+
  • Service: BBBB
  • Interior: BBB+
  • Food: BBBBB-
  • Beverage: BBB+
Oslo is not the place to go if you want a good meal at a reasonable price. Be prepared to set aside 25 EUR for the main course, and a further 15 EUR per person for wine per person.

The Grünerløkka area is great place for shopping and food. Here you find a great number of chic small shops selling pottery, clothes, shoes and much. more. On Sundays there is a flea market in the Birkelunden park where you may buy some vintage junk to bring home.

Photo: Thorvald Meyersgate by Tsaetre
The area has a great number of restaurants as well. Food Story is a restaurant / grocery shop located in the lower end of Thorvald Meyers gate by Schous Plass. It is easy to reach by tram or by foot. Downtown Oslo is a concentrated and highly accessible area.

Food Story is a rustic restaurant, overcrowded. Seating is not the most comfortable, and there is little space to the next table.

You order drinks by the table and then you can just start your meal by the buffet. No fancy wine glasses, fine china, cutlery or napkins. This is informal eating, but very good.

The buffet brunch  at Food Story lasts from 11 AM to 5 PM on Sundays. You could choose from  a mix of a tapas buffet with different salads.

Spicy albondigas, meatballs in tomato sauce, delicious meatballs, but the tomato sauce was a little sharp.

Lovely omelet with spinach with grated parmesan cheese - one of my favourites. 

There were large chorizos fried with onions and vegetables.

Food Story offered several options for those of you that prefer a salad. Another favourite was a cold pasta salad with salmon. Creamy, sticky and extremely tasty.

At the end of the meal you could pick small brownies, panna cotta, and other puddings, as quickly as the staff could replace the ones snatched as they were set at the buffet.

There were a large selection of beer and wine. I chose a pint of white beer with fresh citrus aroma - a very good march in my mind to the food.
Photo: Almond panna cotta by Joy

Young, noisy, slightly hip crowd - Food Story is lively. You are advised to book table in advance, if you are not prepared to stand in line in order to wait for a table.

The whole dining experience at Food Story ended up at NOK 250 (€ 31), not bad for a buffet and beer. This is a bargain for the hungry of you, and for those in love with Mediterranean style food.

The four B's is well deserved. The food is definitely five star material, but Food Story offers low seating comfort and little space. During summer you may, however, escape to the back yard.

NOK 198 is a bargain compared to many other restaurants in Oslo.

Address: Food Story, Grünerløkka
Thorvald Meyersgate 61
0552 Oslo, Norway
See website here

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