Friday, April 01, 2011

Champagne for everyone!!

Call me Bubbles, Darling, everyone does!
Bubbles DeVere, Little Britain
When one princess and four queens gather in a large house in the countryside, they just have to drink champagne. One bottle of the bubbly stuff was even even claimed to be one the last of its kind. I am happy to say we made the most out of the moment, and one or two of us were reasonably buzzed before dinner, but we managed to prepare it.

Champagne for everyone!
Last weekend we gathered in a stately home at Hedmark, north of Oslo for a weekend of leisure. That meant, good or even exquisite food, wine, and relaxations in anything else than moderation.

I had bought a bottle of Pongrasz, a good South African sparkling wine. The others had brought bottles of champagne to enjoy on the only full day at the house - Saturday.

One bottle of pink Taittinger, a variety claimed not produced any more (but still one sale her in Norway), one regular Taittinger, one Piper-Heidseck and one Bolly (Bollinger). Before dinner we decided to indulge in champagne.

Pink champagne are for true royalties, and should be served to something equally exclusive. I had bought a tin of
Larnaudie foie gras de Canard bought in Brussels last December. The great stuff was striktly divided into equally sized dollops and placed on salted crackers.

Sinful duck liver from Larnaudie
Ideally foie gras should be served with a sweet contrast, either a jam or a sweet wine, in order to get that perfect result, but serving champagne ain’t that bad an alternative after all. The salt matched the dry sparkling wine.

Drinking champagne is a feast, as it is the most renowned and exclusive of all sparkling wines. All our bottles were dry (who would drink the sweet stuff), but I can, still after many bottles of the stuff, say whether there is anything but the name that makes champagne better than other sparkling wines.

It still can give you a fabulous buzz, as we experienced when starting our preparation for a great meal. Filet of beef with baked potatoes, sweet shalotts, fried mushrooms, and bearnaise sauce was prepared in the most exquisite, fluffy champagne ecstasy you could think of.   

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April 2011: New flights from Norway

Photo: Cathédrale Sainte Réparate in Nice by RudolfSimon
Norwegian Air Shuttle opens the 2011 season in April, by launching a large number of flights to Southern Europe from different regional airports, as well as Oslo International Airport Gardermoen. Nice in Southern France gets non-stop flights from Bergen, Moss Rygge, as well as Stavanger Airport. Here is a list of other non-stop flights from Norway being launched in April 2011. 

Bergen Airport
  • Chania, Greece (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • London Heathrow, UK (British Midlands)
  • Nice, France (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • CLOSING: Salzburg, Austria (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
Moss-Rygge Airport
  • CLOSING: Gran Canaria, Spain (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • Nice, France (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • CLOSING: Tenerife Sur, Spain (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
Oslo Airport
  • Athens, Greece (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • Burgas, Bulgaria (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • Chania, Greece (Norwegian Air Shuttle) 
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • CLOSING: Lanzarote, Spain (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • Olbia, Italy (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • Pula, Croatia (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • CLOSING: Salzburg, Austria (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • Venice, Italy (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
Stavanger Airport:
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • Krakow, Poland (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • London Heathrow, UK (British Midlands) 
  • CLOSING: Malaga, Spain (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • Murcia, Spain (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
  • Nice, France (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
Tromsø Airport:
Trondheim Airport
  • Antalya, Turkey (Norwegian Air Shuttle)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Non-stop from Molde to Antalya this summer

Photo: City of Molde seen from Varden by sgm

Citizen of Molde in Møre og Romsdal county may fly non-stop to Antalya, Turkey with Turkish Airlines this summer
Photo: Clock tower in Antalya by Simm
It is the Charter company Detur that will start  weekly flights from Årø June 19th to August 21st. It has chartered Boeing 737-800's from the main Turkish air carrier.

Round trip tickets only will cost around NOK 4000.

Ving will also offer non-stop flights from Molde to Antalya from May 19th through September 29th 2011. They will use air carrier SunExpress.

These other charter destinations will be available from Molde Airport in 2011
  • Gran Canaria: October 22nd - April 8th 2011 (Star Tour / Ving)
  • Crete: June 4th  - August 6th 2011 (Apollo)
  • Rhodes: May 28th - September 25th 2011 (Star Tour)