Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nikolaikirche - Kiel, Germany

The oldest building in the city of Kiel, Germany is the Nikolaikirche. It dates back over 700 years and has a long and troubled history.

The current church was built in 1242 and dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Myra. It is a typical example of other Northern German church as the St. Peter's church in neighbouring Lübeck and the Schweriner Dom in Mechlenburg Vorpommern.

The church was extended in the mid 14th century with a longer choir. In the late 19th century the facade was altered in a neo-gothic style.

It was heavily damaged in World War II, after allied extensive bombing raids on the city in 1943 and 1944. It was rebuilt after the war by the famous German architect Gerhard Langmaack. It was given a new modern interior.

In the church you find a number of interesting objects from the former church an Erzväteraltar dating from 1460, a Bronze baptismal font made by Hans Apengeter in 1344, a statue of the crucified Christ from 1490 and a Baroque pulpit dating from 1705. 

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cut your own meat - save money

Buying pre-cut Bologna like this  may be expensive. Photo:  Glane23
I was given an electric cutting machine by my friend Terje. I have already saved money by  thinly slicing  my own cold cuts, bacon and cheese.

Food manufacturers are cashing in on our busy lives. They offer easy solutions as pre made dinners and sliced, vacuum packed cold cuts and cheese. You may save big money if you buy a whole cheese, or a salami and cut into slices yourself - really big money.

My friend Terje had a steel, cutting machine that just stood idle in his kitchen. When he asked whether I wanted it, I was more than happy. Since then, it has been one piece of kitchen machinery I use quite often, and it saves me a lot of money.

If you buy neatly packed and sliced cheese, meats or cold cuts, you can easily pay 2, 3 and even 4 times as much as if you buy unsliced.

Here are a few examples:
  • Cured ham: If you buy sliced Spanish serrano ham, you may easily have to pay from 400 to 800 NOK (Around 50 to 100 Euros) per kilo, depending on quality. In my local grocery shop, however, I can get a bite of good quality serrano ham priced at NOK 150-175 per kilo, and slice it at home. This means a reduction of price of at least 60%

  • The reduction on sliced cheese may be equally large, if you buy an inexpensive shop brand semi-firm white cheese you may reduce your costs by 50%

  • In Norway you get tinned pork cold cuts as cheap as NOK 35 (EUR 3,50) for 300 grams, i.e. at around one Euro for 100 grams. This is around a 70 % reduction compared to a similar sliced products.
Buying a cutting machine is a great idea if you are a large family. You can slice bread, freeze them down in plastic bags and take up the amount you need and refresh them in a toaster.

You may reduce your house hold costs by buying large amounts of inexpensive food products. Buy a salted and smoked ham, prepare parts of it for dinner, slice cold leftovers thinly for your favourite lunch sandwich.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oslo-Bangkok - Norwegian: Not yet, Feel Air: Maybe!

                            Bangkok seen from top of Banyan Tree Hotel by Benh

Norwegian Air Shuttle has decided to postpone its plans to launch direct flights from Oslo to Bangkok to 2013. Feel Air, however, will take a decision during March.

Thailand is a favourite among Norwegians all year around. Many travel on chartered trips, whereas others book a flight and find hotels on arrival.

Until 2009 only chartered flights took passengers non-stop from Oslo to Bangkok. Regular air passengers had to change planes in a European hub. Thai Airways started non-stop flights from Oslo in June 15th. Since then budget air carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle and tiny Feel Air have announced their plans to fly non-stop Oslo Bangkok, but no new flights have materialized.

Finally Norwegian Air Shuttle announced that they will not start any service to Bangkok before 2013, at the earliest. This due to delays in deliverance of their new Boeing B787 "Dreamliner".

Tiny Feel Air, however, may be in the process of starting new non-stop flights to New York and Bangkok. Even though they have not signed any contracts to lease planes to operate these services, founder Ottar Lagarhus suggests that they are considering to launch flights and a final decision will be taken in March 2011.  Initially they planned to use Airbus A330-200 with room for 307 passengers.

We will keep you posted on Feel Air's progress. It may be make or break for this tiny air carrier. 

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