Friday, December 30, 2011

Top five hotels 2008-2011

Hotel Stanhope in Brussels is ranked as best hotel on Enjoy Food & Travel

Enjoy Food & Travel has ranked 50 hotels around the world since 2006. We revised and standardized our reviews in 2008, and here is a list of top 5 hotels ranked on Enjoy Food & Travel the last 5 years.

1. BEST HOTEL: Stanhope Hotel, Brussels (2010): BBBBB (4,82 points)
Stanhope Hotel is absolutely one of the best hotels I have stayed in for a long time, and by far the best during my years in Brussels. Be aware that my price is a special offer, and you may end paying 4-5 times as much  during weekdays. I will however look for another bargain when I visit Brussels in 2011, and I hope I get one.
Stanhope Hotel: The beautiful interior of the Willoughby Suite
 2. Eden Andalour Spa & Resort, Marrakech Morocco (2010): BBBBB-  (4,68 points)
Naming a hotel Eden, is an ambitious thing to do. Eden Andalou Spa & Resort did, however, meet our expectations to the fullest. Behind high walls you found an Andalusian Style Palace set in a beautiful garden run by a staff that did their utmost to give you a great hotel experience. Staying at Eden Andalou Spa & Resort was one of the best hotel experiences for years.
Interior from the lobby area of the Eden Andalou Spa & Resort
3. Santa Maria Hotel, Sitges Spain (2008 and 2009): BBBBB- (4,61 points) 
We returned to Santa Maria Hotel in Sitges for the second year for an early summer vacation. We had a great stay last year, and our expectations were high. We had booked a room with a mountain view this year to get a more quiet stay. We were not disappointed, as we got a room with a rooftop terrace and a view exceeding our expectations
Front rooms of the Hotel Santa Maria face the beach
4. Irving House, Cambridge MA (2009): BBBBB- (4,55 points)
A classic Bed & Breakfast in a quiet charming area of Cambridge MA. Greater Boston area easily available by subway and bus-services. Harvard square with restaurants, bars and shops nearby. Highly recommended by Enjoy Food & Travel. We will certainly go back.
Iriving House: Simple, but highly attractive and clean rooms in Cambridge MA
5. InterCity Hotel Schwerin, Germany (2008): BBBBB- (4,51 points)
During our stay in Schwerin we had booked three nights at €79 per night at InterCityHotel Schwerin. This was certainly a nice price and we got good value for money.

Read full rating of Hotel InterCity Schwerin here
Interior: InterCity Hotel Schwerin
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