Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sévrina Tajine de Poulet - hardly a taste of Morocco

Sévrina Tajine de Poulet was a great disappointment for those of us in love with Moroccan cuisine

For those of us passionately in love with Morrocan cuisine, making a proper tajine is a labour of love. That was certainly not the version manufactured by Sévrina. It is food in a can, and tastes like something out of a can. Morocco is never there......

The Tajine de Poulet or tajine with chicken is produced by the COVI Group in Bressuire in France. It is sold through the Lidl Group in Europe. I bought mine in Lidl at Hagfors, Sweden.

Moroccan tajine pot. Photo: Iron Bishop
I am passionately in love with tajines, as they are among the culinary wonders of Morocco. Casseroles named after what they are prepared in, terracotta pots with lids placed directly over open fire to simmer for hours, releasing all the fantastic tastes in the process.

And the cooks use a wide range of all the spices available in the souqs, and they will also use sweet ingredients as sultanas, prunes, or honey to balance the dish.

The Sevrina Tajine de Poulet was a far cry away from the real stuff. It had a little sweetness, but the sauce was thin and tasted of stock cubes. The "chicken" was tough and dry, and felt more like beef in texture and taste.

The vegetables were overcooked, and the only thing satisfactory was the couscous that was to soak in hot water for 4 minutes.

I added some chili and dried ginger bought in Marrakech and these spices lifted the taste a great deal. Still the end result was boring.

Conclusion: Find a recipe and explore the wonders of Morrocan cuisine. You will never need the help of Sévrina. It does not provide anything near the wonders of Moroccan food.

The Sévrina Tajine de Poulet went down by adding chili and dry ginger bought in the souqs of Marrakech. This will be my first and last tajine offered by the COVI group, but I have a couscous left. I will keep you posted. 
Here are a few tajines I have enjoyed in Morocco and beyond  
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