Friday, December 23, 2011

Grand Buffet - M/F Color Fantasy

Interior - detail from Grand Buffet
Buffet restaurants are certainly not among my favourites, and dining at the Grand Buffet at M/F Color Fantasy did not change that. Packed with people and little personal space was the down side of our experience, and the food was decent but not very memorable. We've had it all before!

Rating the Grand Buffet - M/F Color Fantasy: BBBB- (3,51 points)
  • Location: BBBB
  • Service: BBB+
  • Interior & atmosphere: BBB
  • Food: BBB+
The Grand Buffet is located on level 6 on this vast ferry cruising between Oslo and Kiel.

It occupies the whole width of the ship, leaving very few tables with any view to the sea. This combined with a low ceiling, gave med a slightly claustro-phobic feeling.

The interior in deep red and cream colour is inspired by the Art Deco period. There is a large number of tables leaving little space for guests. 
The grand buffet in the buffet restaurant on Color Fantasy
Tables are nicely set with glass, cutlery and china on bright white table cloths. 

It has, however, a large buffet and you do not have to to queue up too long to get the food.

The staff at the Grand Buffet serves a large number of guests on different points of day. There is a large number of tables, and this explains that they do not provide good personalized service to the dinner guests.

We did not have wait long to be served wine to our food, and then we were ready to tuck into the dishes at the buffet.

There were a large number of different dishes to choose from, too many to mention. Here is a selection of what we chose.
First serving: Cold dishes - pesto marinated seafood, pate with aspic, boiled salmon, gravlax and scrambled eggs. 
Second serving: Hot food - roasted glaced pork with gravy, chicken skewer, one meatball with dauphinois potatoes.
Third serving: Cold food - pastasalad with chorizo, marinated semi-hard cheese, feta cheese in pesto, salmon swirls and tiger prawns in tomatoes
 A full buffet cost NOK 268 (€34,50 / $45) was steep, even for "all you can eat". The food is good, but not great, and I found the Grand Buffet crowded and stressful. I would have preferred one of the à la carte restaurant, even if that would cost more. That is what I would recommend you to do as well, when being on board.

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