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Dining in Kiel: Unknown kneipe

Bratwürst with potatosalad - German comfort food
Germany is not known for light food, but rather rustic and rich dishes. I personally love German sausages. When we were in Kiel this spring, we ended in a kneipe. Sadly I have forgotten its name, but there we tucked into a tasty fried sausage or bratwürst as it is called in the native tongue.

Rating the unknown kneipe, Kiel Germany: BBBB- (3,58 points) 
  • Location: BBB+
  • Service: BBBB
  • Interior & atmosphere: BBB
  • Food: BBBB
A typical street in Kiel, Germany
Our kneipe was around a 20 minute walk away from the ferry terminal.  This unknown kneipe seemed to be a haven for our fellow mini cruise travelers. It was packed with drunk or semi-drunk travelers, and the spirits were high.

Our kneipe was located by the Nikolaikirche, rebuilt after the allied bombings during World War II. The Kiel city centre has since been rebuilt and lacks the charm as many other of the old North German cities.

Our kneipe had that typical interior of any German bierstub, dominated by a central bar, decorated with Scandinavian flags to celebrate the visiting guests.
Our kneipe had that typical interior of any German bierstub
The other guests were cramped round enough tables to completely fill the bierstub.

Service was good. We got the attention of a lady that in  Norway would have been home watchint television, knitting socks, but took part of the every day life of the kneipe.

She brought us beer and food, keeping us happy during our stay in the small haven.

I ordered a German bratwürst with salad and cold potato salad. This is typical local food, filling and suits the local light pilsner beer.

I still hit that food, when looking at the picture, the sausage is made with coarsely ground meat with enough fat to release all those meaty juices. Extra richness is proved by the sour cream/mayonnaise based dressing of the potato salad.

In that way the salad was just an alibi for a satisfying, but very greasy meal, too rich, in my mind. Bratkartoffeln, or fried potatoes would have been more appropriate. Still it was wicked to eat wicked!!

Would I go there again. I certainly would. You shared the restaurant with your fellow travelers that livened up the kneipe considerably. The food was good and inexpensive, so was the beer. Next time I would try another dish for variation.

Our kneipe was located on a corner close to the Nikolaikirche. See this map, and if you know the name - let me know.

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