Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011 in retrospect

We had roast duck for Christmas in 2011
I spent Christmas 2011 with my friends and Enjoy Food & Travel co-writers Per and Susanne Koch. They served a wonderful Christmas meal. Here are a few indecent culinary exposures to remember it by.
Brussels sprout soup with sweet crispy bacon
Love bacon.......
Susanne served a very unusual soup as a starter, with Brussels sprouts as the main ingredients, and potatoes as a thickener and creme fraiche. Thick and creamy and with a gentle sweetness from the sprouts, sprinkled with crispy, crunchy honey fried bacon.
Roast duck with red rice and mushroom stuffing, cranberry relish and amandine potatoes
Our main dish was a tasty and rich treat, as a good Christmas meal is supposed to be
The main dish was an America meets Europe dish. The duck had spent its time in a medium oven (150C / 300F) for two hours, and Susanne had turned it up to 180 C / 355F for the last thirty minute, finishing with the the hot air fan fuction in order to get a crisp skin. 
The stuffing had red rice as a base, but contained onions, portobello and shitake musrooms, one diced pear and one diced apples as well, and a dash of white truffle oil was added before serving. 
Cranberries from Virginia was our American guest at the table and the amandine potatoes roasted in duck fat until crisp. 
What a swell Christmas that was!!!

Say cheese
I love the French passion for cheese - these were creamy and tasty, reflecting the wide range of cheeses France has to offer
One good Roquefort, a white goat's cheese and a soft cheese, all French,  enjoyed with a Fleur du Cape Late Harvest wine from Sunny South Africa. Creamy, sweet, salt - aromas melting into a higher entity.

A rich sweet treat at the end 
Getting tarty! This indecent rich tart tempted us at the end
  Nut base, sprinkled with coconut shavings and a dollop of chocolate cream on top. The cream was enriched with pureed avocado (!) A really tarty end to the evening, filling up the last void in our stomach to capacity. So much so, in fact, that we managed to get down half-a-tart only.
I would really thank my hosts for a magnificent festive meal!! Wish I could wind the movie back an have another helping.

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