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Christmas 2010 - looking back

In the Polar night: Mid day during Christmas
From Vesterålen to Cairo, from the Arctic Circle to the Sahara. That was what I thought would be the case from last Christmas to this one. Instead I sit in Oslo in fog and rain, in the warmest Christmas recorded here in a very long time. Last winter was a completely different experience with freezing temperatures. Here are a few memories from Christmas of 2010 at Rise, Vesterålen. 
Lutefisk with all the traditional side dishes
Lutefisk with mustard sauce, mushy peas and bacon
Last Christmas the younger of my brothers family insisted on lutefisk, a traditional dish made with aged stockfish (air-dried whitefish) or dried/salted whitefish (klippfisk) and lye (lut). Lutefisk is gelatinous in texture, and has an extremely strong, pungent odor.

My brother served it with all the traditional side dishes as mushy peas, mustard sauce, bacon, and boiled potatoes. I do not whether this will be the first and last time in a long time that my nephews will have another helping, but by their remarks, I suspect it will.
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 Cabaret - shrimp aspic
Cabaret with arctic shrimps - a delicious piece of art
My brother loves cabaret, i.e. aspic with arctic shrimps and vegetables. It is one of the dishes served at the family's mid Christmas party. Here is how it looks before guests tuck in and ruin the master piece. 

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 Smoked salmon for breakfast 
Sliced smoked salmon on a newly baked whole grain roll for breakfast!!!
My sister-in-law makes fresh whole grain rolls for breakfast on Christmas Day. What can be better than a large slice of smoked salmon (or two) on scrambled eggs on a warm roll in the morning. Hardly anything!!
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Pork rib with crispy crackling 
My sister-in-laws pork rib anno 2011 - perfect!!
Many Norwegian homes have pork rib for Christmas, and the piece de resistance is mouthwatering crispy crackling and succulent and tender meat. My sisten-in-law is certainly a crispy crackling master, and I am proud to say - so am I!!
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