Monday, December 26, 2011

The butterfly park, Tromøy Norway

Last summer I visited the butterfly park at Tromøy, Norway. It is a wonderful place to experience tropical insects in a truly tropical climate. Here are a few pictures from my experience that day in July.
The rain forest
Here is a glance of the lush foliage of the mini rain forest providing a hot humid climate. Banana plants, palm leaves and flowering plants is the home of a wide varieties of tropical butterflies.
Birth of a new butterfly
A new butterfly is in the process of breaking free from its small pupa. The differences in size and colour of the butterflies are even reflected in the different shapes of the pupas.
Feeding on a banana (or what is left of one)
A golden, ornate butterfly with strong golden patterns in deep concentration while feeding on a decaying banana, allowing us to get close and capture this magical moment.
A blue angel
This magnificent blue butterfly is among the largest butterflies found in the park. It easily fills the palm of an adult.
In restless motion 
I was luck to catch this short moment of the life of a golden butterfly as it moved restlessly among the leaves in the tropical garden. 
Looking for nectar 
A beautiful spotted butterfly sucking nectar from a tropical flower.

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