Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Build your own burger

A double moose burger with ingredients of my own choice
A hamburger buffet is a winner. Informal, as everyone may build their own burger, as I did. A double decker to die for with two large moose burgers and nearly all the ingredients on the buffet. It was so tall that I had to impale them with a wooden skewer in order for the stack to stick.

Let´s make a good burger

Bacon adds moisture to the hamburger
Large moose roam Norwegian forests. These stately animals are usually hunted during fall. Then moose meat are widely available in stores, both fillets, steaks and cheaper cuts.

Most of the latter are ground and ground moose meat is ideal for a good burger.

Moose meat is very lean, and I use one part streaky bacon to three parts ground moose for the burgers to be more succulent. In this process I use my food processor to blend moose, bacon, onions, eggs, potato starch salt and pepper into a tasty mixture for my moose burgers.

How to make your own moose burger - see recipe here

The bacon provides moisture to the lean meat, as well as taste. Due to the salt  content in the bacon it is vital to be cautious if adding more salt.

Ingredients for a burger buffet 

When you have made your burgers, keep them under cover. Warm hamburger bread and the start preparing your buffet. Choose your own favourite ingredients. Here are some good foods for your stacked double decker.

  • Sliced tomatoes, sliced raw onions, lettuce, pickled cucumber, nacho chips, French fries, onions rings, capers
Sauces and dressings: 
  • Aioli, mayonnaise, blue cheese dressing, guacamole, cheese sauce, mustard, ketchup, remoulade
  • Blue cheese, processed cheddar cheese, swiss cheese
  •  Fried bacon, boiled ham 
Faced with all these ingredients everyone may make a hamburger to match their taste. I made a giant double decker burger with nearly all the ingredients available. Yum!!

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