Monday, November 21, 2011

Prawns at Råda Rasta

One large, and one smaller of the wicked sandwiches from Råda Rasta. Photo: Website

I visited Värmland this weekend, and was recommended to try the abundant open sandwiches at Råda Rasta by the Råda Lake. They are famous throughout the county and even beyond, and people travel to this small roadside cafeteria to indulge.

Rating Råda Rasta, Hagfors: BBBB (3,87 points)

  • Location: BBB+
  • Service: BBBB+
  • Interior and atmosphere: BBBB-
  • Food: BBBB
Råda Rasta is located by the scenic Råda Lake, by the small town of Hagfors.

Even though far away from the ocean, you get the most scrumptious open sandwiches made with freshly peeled prawns. Increasingly you find that restaurants and cafés use prawns in brine, a bad substitute in my mind.

My friend Terje and I had visited the nearby town, and decided to find out whether the sandwiches were as delicious as rumored, and I am pleased to say that they were. The only thing to put your finer on was that fine bread was a little soggy. One layer of hard boiled eggs, followed by a good portion of "Smögen Röre" a mayonnaise based seafood salad with roe, with a large heap of freshly peeled prawns.

The sandwich was pricy, compared to the general price in restaurants in Sweden, SEK 98 (EUR 10,71 / USD 14,48),  but it was worth it. It was just 5-6 tables, so I imagine that it will be packed during the summer season, but I supposed then you may sit outside.

Råda is not the most likely place to find yourself, if visiting Sweden, but if you are nearby craving for lunch, a prawn sandwich should, in my mind, be on top of your list.

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