Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A culinary gift

There was one baby bottle of Brennivin in my culinary gift for Dagfinn Skoglund.. Photo: Bjarki Sigursveinsson 
My good friend, and Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer Dagfinn Skoglund had his 52nd anniversary last Friday. As one foodie to another, I decided to offer him a culinary gift, and I assembled a few goodies from some of my travels.

I always buy food to bring home from my travels. Outside the EU/EEA area, I usually buy spices and other dried products. When I visit Europe, I also choose to buy cheese and meat products to take home. A great way to prolong your traveling experience.  

Here is what I put in the hamper for Dagfinns 52nd anniversary :
  • Brennivin” -  a shot of a Icelandic hard liquor bought at Keflavik Airport. It is considered to be Iceland's signature liquor. It is made from fermented potato mash and is flavoured with caraway seeds. It is sometimes called svarti dauði ("Black Death"). 
  • "Good with everything Herb Sea Salt” from my cousin Ann's spice rack in Salisbury MA
  • 10 bags of Bouquet Garni for seafood stock and sauces bought at Delhaize,  my favourite supermarket in Brussels. 
  • One bag of McCormick Mesquite spices bought at the Village market in Scituate MA.
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  • 70% J. D. Gross chocolate from Ecuador.
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  • Star Anis bought in Istanbul's Spice Bazaar
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  • One box of Rougie Terrine au Noix de Perigord, bought at Delhaize my favourite supermarket in Brussels. 
  • Vanilla pods from Marrakech 
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More on Dagfinn Sigridsson Skoglund 

Dagfinn Sigridsson Skoglund is 49 years old (forever) and is living in a studio apartment in downtown Oslo. He is working as a designer and art teacher, and is an excellent cook.

Dagfinn is a passionate lover of music, botany and is an experienced traveler - and he hates popcorn!

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