Friday, October 07, 2011

Rating City Living Hotel Schøller, Trondheim


Hotels rooms are getting increasingly expensive throughout Norway. Rooms in first class hotels in major Norwegian cities, are among the most costly in Europe. With this in mind, I got away with a modest expense when staying in City Living Hotel Schøller in Trondheim, but what was offered were the bare necessities.
Rating City Living Schøller Hotel, Trondheim: BBB+ (3,37 points)

  • Location: BBBB+
  • Service: BBB
  • Room: BBBB
  • Breakfast: N/A (Not included or available)
  • Facilities: B+
  • Price: BBBB

Garden in front of Schøller Residence
City Living Hotel Schøller is located in Dronningens gate in downtown Trondheim, just a stone’s throw away from Stiftsgården, the once stately home of the Schøller family. This is prime location, close to shops, restaurants and sights in the city.

When arriving in the tiny reception in this apartment hotel, you were greeted by a service minded staff, and was given the keys to room 216, on the ground floor. Be aware that that this is more or less a self catering establishment. I was, however, critical to the fact that the rooms were not made up daily. It is so nice to comme back to a room that has be cleaned and attended to.

The room and shower room faced a small enclosed back yard. They were small in size, but had been redecorated quite recently. Nice parquet flooring in room, and the bath room had been nicely tiled. Cream coloured walls and furniture in light wood gave it a clean, contemporary look. Very little wear and tear. No dust on picture frames or open surfaces.

Bed, desk, and microwave
There was a small wardrobe with just enough space for what a male would bring on a short trip. The bed was narrow but very comfortable, but most of the space on the small desk was, very oddly, occupied by a microwave oven. The empty mini bar, meant to cool down whatever you bought for your own breakfast, was not in working order.

City Living Hotel Schøller has no breakfast room or restaurant. Rolls and drinks are for sale in the reception.

Redecorated bath room
The hotel has very few facilities. There is a PC by the reception, and there is free wi-fi troughout the hotel, but it has not much more to offer.

I paid NOK 640 (USD 109 / EUR 82), more than half the price of other hotels available. A fair price for what you get, but City Living Hotel Schøller is accommodation for those of you that just need a room. If you want facilities, pay up!

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