Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The New England Lobster Roll

New England lobster roll as served in my cousin Ann's house in Salisbury MA
One of the best foods served in New England are lobster rolls. Soft, fluffy wheat rolls filled with soft, sweet lobster meat immersed in Cain's mayonnaise. Lobster rolls are simple and easy to make, but a truly glamorous dish.

The lobster meat in question is caught by my cousin Billy outside the Northern Massachusetts coastline, and boiled and plucked by Ann. She knows my passion for lobsters, and had frozen enough for me and my nephew. She used hot dog bread, very fluffy, soft, and slightly sweet. Besides mayonnaise she added spring onion, but earlier she has also used finely chopped celery. The secret, however, is generous heaps of lobster meat.

About Cain's mayonnaise
Cain's regular and light mayonnaise. Photo: company website
Hellmann's mayonnaise is my favourite. According to my cousin citizen in New England should prefer Cain's to Hellmann's as it is a genuine New England brand.

The mayonnaise goes back to 1924, and it was launched by the cheese merchant John Cain at Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston.

Seeing the Cain's mayonnaise in the shop, I just wonder who's copying who, as Hellmann's and Cain's mayonnaise looks like each other. The shape of the glass, the brightly coloured blue lid and the label. This is the case with both the regular and the turquoise coloured  light version.

The Cain's mayonnaise was equally good as Hellmann's. I have no idea whether it is cheaper, but I have no objection to the support given to local brands. I, however, have to stick to the Hellmann's as it is the only brand available here in Europe

Did you know that there is a buttered lobster roll?

This YouTube film from CloseHarbourSeafood.com shows how easy it is to make a delicious hot buttered lobster roll at home.

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