Monday, October 31, 2011

Great pumpkin is here!!

A stroll along amnesia lane - for those us that loved Peanuts as kids
For years I celebrated Halloween in my flat in downtown Oslo. Last year I was in the US, and this year I have not sent any invitations. That's too bad, really as it is a great idea with a party when fall sets in.
Pumpkin ale - the ultimate Halloween brew
A few weeks ago, we visited a farms shop by Scituate, and the whole yard were full of pumpkins. Small up to so big that a grown up could hardly lift it up.

My eyes fell on a box picturing my childhood heroes (or rather anti-heroes) in the middle of the field waiting for the great pumpkin.

This year shops were warming up to the coming festivity. Scary masks and costumes were on display and baskets filled with sweets wrapped in the most distasteful way. I once bought a box of "eyeballs" sweets!!

The pumpkin ale from the Shipyard Brewing Company in Maine should be the perfect drink for Halloween. After a few sips I end up as defender of the German purity law. The pumpkin ale is a curio to be tasted, but a beer is best without any other tastes.

But the label is great.

Next year I will start my Halloween tradition again, as it was great fun. I have a few accounts from earlier accounts on Halloween here on Enjoy Food & Travel.

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