Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Danish Air Transport starts three new flights from Rygge Airport

As Norwegian Air Shuttle folds up at Rygge, Danish Air Transport are ready to take over. This winter the Danish air carrier will fly to Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger.

Large budget air carriers are relocating to airports on both sides of the Oslo Fjord. Ryanair had its main base at Torp Airport Sandefjord, but is now building up its activity at Moss-Rygge Airport. Norwegian Air Shuttle were the main player at Rygge, but is no relocating to Torp Airport. It is enough to make anyone confused.

As Ryanair operates international flights from Rygge, Norwegians move, makes room for carriers taking over the domestic flight market at Rygge Airport. Danish Air Transport (DAT) will now fly to Stavanger, starting October 31st, and will start flights to Bergen and Trondheim in January 2012.

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