Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crab cocktail in abundance at New San Remo - Marseille

This crab cocktail was the only dish we liked at New San Remo in Marseille

I flicked through old photos, and I found this crab cocktail as served at New San Remo in Marseille. This was the only dish we had there, as the entrecôte was tough, and the dessert was served out of a box taken out of the freezer.
New San Remo is located by the Vieux port or the old harbour, a beautiful spot in Marseille. It is not a place I would recommend for a meal, even though we were pleased with the crab cocktail.

But the location is terrific. Do have a glass, or two (or even three) of good wine at New San Remo or another bar along the old port, when visiting Marseille.  Bear in mind that the area around the Vieux Port is a tourist trap, where you pay much for food, often of lower quality than in other areas of the city. Do ask your hotel for advise on where to dine in the city. 

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