Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baked lobster with scallops

Baked lobster with scallop - a delicious dish
On and off you are given a special offer at the supermarket that is hard to resist - three small frozen Canadian lobster for NOK 99 ($16 / €12). This summer I prepared baked lobster with scallops as appetizer at my summer home.
Brightly coral coloured lobster and snow white scallops
These small frozen lobsters are best if prepared in hot dishes.

Cut them in half, along the head and tail. Remove the poisonous stomach. Pluck the lobster meat from the tail. Crush the claws with a hammer. Remove meat from both.

Rinse head and tail and place on an oven proof dish, as they will hold the lobster meat and scallops later.

The small lobsters do not hold enough meat to fill the shell, so you will need additional seafood for the filling. You can use raw or boiled prawns, or shrimps. Boiled seafood (including our lobster meat) must only be heated for a short while in order not to get tough.

I sliced two scallops per lobster, and placed them on top of the lobster meat. 
Sprinkle white truffle oil an an extra touch of luxury
I love to immerse seafood in smooth bechamel sauce. I used fish stock, double cream and ketchup to add sweetness and colour. I am not ashamed to say that I use ketchup. It is a terrific ingredient!!

I placed the oven proof dish in a medium oven, i.e. 175 C (345 F) for 20-25 minutes. It is important not to over cook. Scallops may be served raw, and even under cooked, whereas boiled lobster meat may end up tough as rubber if left to simmer too long. 

As an extra touch of luxury I sprinkled white truffle oil on top of the sauce. 

The final result - baked lobster with scallops

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