Friday, September 16, 2011

The wicket Danish sandwiches at Lurblæseren

Restaurant Lurblæseren is located at Strøget in Copenhagen, the city's famous pedestrian area and tourist trap. I was served a few wicked sandwiches for lunch here, on my last trip to the Danish capital. Wicked, yes in its abundance of food placed on top of a slice of bread.

I always order traditional Danish open sandwiches when I visit any town in Denmark. 
The Danes have developed their sandwiches even further than their fellow Norwegians and Swedes, that also share this culinary traditions. In Denmark, you are not supposed to see the slice of bread.

This was certainly the case at Lurblæseren. The Plaice-sandwich (above) had to large and crispy fish fillets piled on top of a slice of bread. The lettuce under was a healthy alibi for the breaded, deep fried fish and the mayonnaise based remoulade.

The liver-paté sandwich (right) had similarly one lettuce leaf, under a generous amount of warm paté, bacon, pickled cucumbers and fried mushrooms. God, how I yearn for a Danish sandwich, with a dripping cold pint and a shot of Aalborg Aquavit.

Frederiksberggade 27
1459 København K

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