Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Saturday food market at Ferney-Voltaire

Every Saturday the centre of the little town of Ferney-Voltaire, located close to Geneva, is transformed into a large food market.
I have experienced it in Lyon, Strasbourg as well as Marseille. On weekends busy streets are made into large local markets.

This is even the case in the small French border town Ferney-Voltaire. The Saturday I was there, I roamed through the matket for an hour, in envy. This, as we have nothing of the kind in Norway.

It was heaven for those looking for home made unpasteurized cheese, or rustic salamis or well matured, cured ham. You could buy freshly baked pastry, fresh seafood, vegetables, or freshly picked forest mushrooms.

Another stall sold a wide range of fresh spices. I ended up with 100 grams of Sichuan pepper corns and cinnamon sticks. When I got back to my hotel room, I had even bought one salami with porcini mushrooms and one wild boar salami.

Here are a few snapshots from the market in Ferney-Voltaire.  
Strawberries, peaches, red currants and red cherries in abundance 
King Crab from cool waters, lobsters from Brittany and king prawns from Madagascar
More seafood - native crabs and a wide range of different mussels
Italian Parmesan cheese
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