Sunday, September 25, 2011

Galata Tower, Istanbul

The Galata Tower was built by the Genoese in 1348
Galata Tower has watched over the Galata for over 650 years. It was built during the years when the Black Death wiped out a large part of of Europe's population. Today it is one of the most striking landmarks of Istanbul.

It used to be Christea Turris or the Tower of Christ, as it was a part of the fortifications of the Genoese colony that was here from 1273 until the Ottomans conquered the city in 1453. It was, with its 66 metres, the tallest building in the city when it was built. Today it dominates the skyline of the Galata District and is clearly visible from Sultanhmet on the other side of the Golden Horn.

It has been damaged by fire many times during the years, and it was restored close to its original form in the 1960's. On the top there is a restaurant offering breathtaking views over the vaste city of Istanbul. We failed to go there, but we have to save some sights to another time. An aquaintance of mine got engaged on the top of the tower, and claim it was the most romantic experience of all. So if you plan to pop the question to your chosen one, I believe the Galata Tower may be a great venue, increasing the chance of that wonderful answer "yes". 

Good luck!

More pictures of the Galata Tower
The tower seen from our ferry from Sultanahmet to the Balat Area on the Golden Horn
                                           The Galata Tower rise over the roofs of Galata
With its 66 metres the Galata Tower was Istanbul's tallest building when built in 1348

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