Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fjord Line moves future operations from Kristiansand to Langesund

                          M/F Bergensfjord. Photo: Company website
We have previously referred to the conflict between Fjord Line and Kristiansand Harbour Administration. The whole conflict has circled around the fact that Fjord Line only wanted to operate sailings during peak season, i.e. during the summer months. Now Fjord Line has decided to operate its new ferries between Norway and Denmark from the small port of Langesund.

If you want to cross from Northern Denmark to Norway, Fjord Cat operated by Fjord Line provides the fastest crossing. Fjord Cat will still sail to the port of Kristiansand on the southern of Norway. Fjord Line has, however, increasingly run into trouble with the local Harbour Administration, that favour sailings all year to seasonal services. This has led Fjord Line to look for alternatives for its two new vessels that will be delivered in 2012.

September 9th the board of the ferry company concluded. Negotiations with the local port authorities in the Grenland ferry company could be concluded, in order for the Grenland Port Authority to start to prepare to accommodate the two new Fjord Line ferries. This includes an upgrading of the present facilities at the port. 

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