Monday, September 12, 2011

Delicious home made sashimi

Scallops and tuna sliced into a delicious sashimi starter
Making sushi requires skills, whereas preparing sashimi, you basically need a very sharp knife. Back in 2007 I was given a Japanese knife with a ceramic blade. With this precision instrument, I can slice meat, fish or vegetables wafer thin.

I love sushi and sashimi, and I have made sashimi several time as an appetizing starter. When serving raw fish and shellfish, make absolutely sure that all ingredients are fresh.

On the starter on the picture above, I bought fresh tuna at my local supermarket. I used frozen scallops allowed to thaw over night. Then I used my white bladed Japanese knife, and cut the red tun and the snow white scallops in wafter thin slices and arranged them on my white china. 
This time I used a pesto dressing, but I do recommend (and prefer) drops of soy and sweet chilli sauce and sesame oil. Do also place a dollop of brightly green and exceedingly hot wasabi paste.  

Home made sashimi is a light and delicious starter. You may use other fish, as salmon, cod, halibut or turbot. but make sure that it is very fresh or recently frozen, in order to avoid food poisoning. 

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