Saturday, September 24, 2011 - private accommodation worldwide

Typical guesthouse in Tamchy Kyrgyzstan. Photo: Vmenkov
Decent accommodation is getting more and more expensive. On hotel booking sites it is hard to find hotels under 200 USD per night in cities as New York or Boston, unless you want to stay way outside the city centre. The alternative is private accommodation, and at, you can find budget rooms in people’s homes. That may be something to consider next time you want to go abroad.

I found the site on the web and it provides an alternative to expensive hotels. At, you can access as a logder or your own hotelier. Yes that is completely true. If you own your own flat in a major city or holiday destination you are offered a new business solution. You may earn a few bucks by renting out one room or even your entire flat if you are away.

If you think this idea seems risky, you are ensured that it pose a smaller risk than you think. You are free to check out the credentials of your guests in advance on the site and even reject them if you do not like them.

If you are a traveler provides you with a wide range of accommodation options at much lower prices, than in ordinary hotels on much better locations. Another great plus is that the cultural experience. It is a fact that you, by living with the locals, may learn much more on the place, people and culture, and may even end up with new friends. Several of those that rent out or book accommodation have made new lasting acquaintances

Am I ready for this? Maybe! I am a little hesitant whether I,  as a mature man with some bad habits, may adjust to staying in a flat with other strangers. What I am convinced of is that this kind of accommodation is ideal for young, low budget travelers. Seeing New York from the inside, by living in a flat on Manhattan will give you a long lasting experience and an intimate knowledge an ordinary vacation may not give you.   

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