Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Air Berlin: More flights from Oslo to Berlin

Photo: Air Berlin 737-700 by JuergenL
Norwegians love Berlin. The German capital have competing flights from Oslo operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle and Air Berlin. The German budget air carrier will increase from two to three daily flights from the Norwegian capital from May 2012.

Air Berlin hub Tegel Airport from air. Photo: Angr
I visited Berlin back in 2008, and I took a Norwegian Air Shuttle flight to Schönefeld Airport. Air Berlins hub is the Tegel Airport, and from here you can get transfers a large number of destinations in Europe and beyond.

An increasing number of Norwegians use Tegel as a transfer to other destinations. The number of Norwegian transit passengers has increased by 53% this summer compared to 2010.

Berlin has so much to offer, and it is relatively inexpensive to stay in the German capital for those of you that prefer e.g. Paris or London. If traveling on weekdays and/or outside peak season, a trip to Berlin, including air fare, hotel and food may end up relatively cheap.

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