Sunday, August 14, 2011

A short instruction to some known and unknown edible mushrooms

Here is a short instructional video found on the YouTube showing some of the most familiar edible mushrooms found in the UK. Here are the chanterelles emphasized as one of the best mushrooms except the precious porcini. Here is also warning never to touch a solid white mushroom under any circumstance. Picking a destroying angel is not a joke.

This is a clip of Peter Jordan's highly popular DVD is a comprehensive wild mushroom foray through the seasons. If you want to start picking mushrooms yourself, do consult a book, or better take a class in order to avoid mushroom poisoning.

How to look for the precious porcini - see this other video clip

The porcini mushrooms is revered as a delicacy. When visiting the food market in Florence a decade ago, I found prices on dried porcini staggering, depending on different qualities. Some of the best had been neatly cut in slices showing the whole mushroom, both hat and stem and packed in cling film in beautiful baskets. 

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