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Rating Usaka Sushi Bar, Sitges

Four nigiri sushi, and six maki-rolls served at Usaka Sushi Bar
A few of my experience with Asian food in Spain, have been disastrous. This cannot be said about the sushi served at Usaka Sushi Bar in Sitges, but it wasn't intriguing either. My advise is; eat Spanish food in Spain.

Rating Usaka Susi Bar: BBBB (3,93 points)
  • Location: BBBBB
  • Service: BBBB
  • Interior & design: BBB+
  • Food: BBB+
Usaka Susi Bar - outside dining space
Usaka Sushi Bar is located by the San Sebastian Playa, on the north side of the town centre. Here you have the view to the playa, as well as the roofs and towers of the nearby cathedral and the Palau Maricel. You are just a 10 minute walk away from the railway station and the other beaches south of the old city.

We chose to sit outside, actually not my favourite place to dine, but where else to sit, during a hot summer day. We are seated on dark rattan furniture, very appropriate for Japanese dining. Even though the furniture are very robust, I did not feel comfortably seated.

Salmon, shrimp, tuna and white fish nigiri
The service was decent. We could choose from an English menu, from a wide variety of nigiri sushi, different styled maki sushi rolls and combos. I chose a combo priced at € 17, consisting of four nigiri and six maki-rolls. The nigiri were made from salmon, tuna, shrimp and white fish. The maki were rice, salmon and cucumber wrapped in Nori paper.

Maki rolls
It was presented on a wooden board with the ever present pickled and hot wasabi. We mixed the wasabi with soy sauce and tucked in.

It looked nice, neatly presented, but we all agreed after our meal that the quality of the sushi was not good. As none of us are sushi connoisseurs, it was, however, not easy to put the finger on what was wrong. The consistency was satisfactory, but neither the sushi, nor maki tasted good, or rather enough. When disscussing the meal with one of my fellow diners the other day, he suggested that the ingredients may not have been fresh enough.

Our dry refreshing cava
We enjoyed a bottle of local cava to our food, not a bad alternative, even though the dry sparkling wine may over power the subtle taste of the susi, it did not do this this evening. It was simply refreshing during the pleasant summer day.

If you want bite sized food, do try one of the bars selling pintxos or traditional tapas in Sitges. It is genuine, traditional, delicacies that they really know how to make.

Usaka Susi Bar
C/ Porte Allegre 15
08870 Sitges, Spain
Phone: 938 947 011
See company website here

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