Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pacific oyster - an invasive species prepared on the grill

Pacific Oyster is invading our coasts. Photo: BetacommandBot 
As my friend Dagfinn stayed on the Swedish east coast this summer, he did his turn combatting the Pacific Oyster, an invasive species, that spread in our waters. Doing this, he enjoyed a delicious meal in the meantime. He did, in order to get access to all the goodness inside, chuck them on the Barbq. Easy, and no skills or dangerous knives needed.
For those of you that love raw oysters, placing them on the BBQ is simply an abomination. I find that raw oysters tastes seawater and are overrated as delicacy. I do, however, favour the idea to use oysters as any other shellfish, that is either hot, steamed, cooked, baked, or grilled.
I indulged in some native Norwegian oysters baked in the oven once with a cream, salt, pepper, and topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Oh golly, scrumptious!!
Dagfinn found large colonies of huge Pacific Oyster this summer, very hard to open. His solution was to place them on the grill wrapped in tin foil, and they opened elegantly when they had to succumb to the heat. Then you could add your own flavour to the hot oyster and tuck in. What would I have chosen as seasoning? May I suggest tabasco, sweet chili, lime........? Simply unwind you mind, and explore!!
I love opening oysters, but you need a very robust knife. I have a small steel knife, pointed with a thick blade and made from one solid piece of steel that does not break.
Do you want to know how to open an oyster? Then see this instructional video from YouTube.

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