Sunday, August 28, 2011

Norwegian Air Shuttle ends all flights from Moss-Rygge Airport

- And may move all traffic to Torp-Sandefjord Airport

Norwegian Air Shuttle has finally reached a conclusion. All flights from Moss-Rygge Airport will end by January 12th 2011, leaving the airport entirely to Ryanair. It that a smart move?

Ryanair made Moss-Rygge Airport its Norwegian base in 2009. Since them the budget air carrier has moved most of its flights from former hub Sandefjord-Torp on the other side of the Oslo fjord.

One of Ryanair's fiercest competitors have been Norwegian Air Shuttle, but the Norwegian budget airline has gradually been outgrown by Ryanair since 2009. Rumors have it that the Irish airline has been granted better terms than its Norwegian rival.

The airport management  at Moss-Rygge has from now on to rely solely on Ryanair to maintain traffic, in my mind a risky strategic move.

This as Norwegian Air Shuttle finally has decided to close its 7 remaining services from Moss-Rygge Airport this fall, latest flights departing from Moss-Rygge Airport January 2nd at the latest.

Now they are considering moving their flights to Torp-Sandefjord Airport.

Following Norwegian Air Shuttle flights will end from Moss-Rygge-Airport: 
- Aeropuerto Alicante Altet (Spain). See previous story on Enjoy Food & Travel 
- Aeropuerto de Malaga (Spain)
- Antalya Airport (Turkey)
- Flesland Airport, Bergen (Norway)
- Nice International Airport (France). See previous story on Enjoy Food & Travel
- Palanga Airport (Lithuania)
- Værnes Airport Trondheim (Norway)

We will return with more information on final dates on each flight

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