Monday, August 15, 2011

Nes Jernverk - a Norwegian manor house

                         The majestic manor house at Næs Jernverk
Næs Verk is a stately home that has belonged to the Aall family since 1799. It is one of the largest stately homes on the southern tip of Norway.
A reconstructed part of the old ironworks at Næs
The source of this wealth was iron ore. Its predecessor, Baasland iron works was founded as early as 1665.

The iron works was bought by Jacob Aall in 1799 and has been a private home for his descendants since then.

Today the stately building is a centerpiece of a large cultural landscape and has certainly entered a new era. A museum has been established where the iron works used to be, as a monument to a time when the southern tip of Norway provided minerals for export to continental Europe.
The beautiful pavilion by the pond in the English Park
Visitors to Næs should visit the reconstructed English gardens. 

It is a beautiful spot, created as the idea of nature from the designers hand. You walk in the shade provided by large trees along an artificially created stream.

In the middle of the park, you find a beautiful white pavilion. Here you may envisage women in large white robes walking or sitting in a small boat.

The small lake is surrounded by greenery, and water lilies and other water plants float on the water. A perfect place to roam for romantic lovers and lovers of trees or plants.

Other images from Næs Verk
A typical 17th or 18th century farmhouse found at Næs
Another of the official buildings connected to the iron works

Location of Næs Jernverk - see this map

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