Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to improve a Knorr pepper sauce

I gladly admit that I resort to a packet of Knorr sauce when I am in a hurry. I do, however, NOT serve it as it is, as most of these products turn out bland, if not enriched with a few basic ingredients. Let me share how I "beefed" up a packet of Knorr green pepper sauce to be served with the barbecue chicken and moose.

When preparing a packet of sauce, you are asked simply to add water, milk/cream and occasionally butter. Most packets are high in sodium, so you in rule do not have to add more. Other ingredients may, however, add balance to this saltyness.

I found, funny enough, when adding water to this Knorr sauce mix, that it seemed low in sodium and, in spite of its name, pepper. That made it unusually bland, and I had to search through the kitchen of Terjes mom, in order to find a few ingredients to improve taste and consistency.
Mustard from the Swedish Skåne region
Mustard, or rather, Swedish sweet mustard will provide a little heat, sweetness and acidity to the sauce, but be carful on how much you put in. You want, after all, serve a pepper, not a mustard sauce. If you need sweetness to balance, you may also try a sweet chilli sauce, and add a little extra heat.

Then I had to add a little more sodium. A little soy sauce will be equally good, nay better, as it will give a little smokeyness as well as saltyness. Then I had to add more pepper, much more, in order for it to be a proper pepper sauce.

I had to turn up the acidity, so I found a white wine vinegar. Be cautious, as little more, may be too much. As vinegars go, I will recommend sherry vinegar to a gravy or a mushroom sauce. 

To complete the green pepper sauce transformation, both to round it up, and make it creamier I added more cream. Then the sauce was ready to be served with the grilled moose and chicken breasts.

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The enriched and improved Knorr green pepper sauce ready to be served
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