Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hotel Port Sitges Resort - photos and videos from the marina and neighbouring areas

Here are two films from my YouTube account and a few extra snapshots to give you an idea about the Hotel Port Sitges Resort and the neighbouring area.
The main entrance, garden and the marina

Here is the area in front of the Hotel Port Sitges Resort, including the main entrance, garden and the marina. The garden area in the front was rather badly maintained.

Area north of the hotel
This area is located north of the Hotel Port Sitges Resort, towards Barcelona. You can see the rocky coastline, covered in green vegetation. Here you can enjoy a swim on a smaller beach. Drivers have access to the marina through this road.

The marina
Expensive boats in the Sitges marina, picture taken from the outer pier facing the hotel and neighbouring area.
View of Sitges
Sitges town as seen from the southern part of the hotel, Santa Tecla church and Palau Maricel clearly visible
The neighbourhood
You will find a number of restaurants, bars in the immediate neighbourhood, and                           you may seek shade walking narrow streets like this one.

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