Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hotel Port Sitges Resort - my feedback to

Sitges as seen from Hotel Port Sitges Resort

I will soon present my total review on Hotel Port Sitges Resort. What I always do, is to give my opinion to the hotel booking sites when asked. There was not much to put your finger on at Hotel Port Sitges Resort. I gave the hotel a 9,6 out of 10 on my review on 

The reviews of the Port Sitges Hotel Resort on are mixed, from those very discontent to those very content on what the hotel and the area has to offer. I belong to the latter. I found the stay very agreeable, and do not understand those who have been dicontent with their stay.

My main concern is the price, as EUR 155 is quite steep compared to other hotels in the city. There are, however, so much else that make me recommend a stay at the Hotel Port Sitges Resort. The fact that you have your own flat, the location outside the resort and proximity to the beach.

I will return with my own rating of the hotel. In the meantime, you may see what I and other guests think of the Hotel Port Sitges resort here. 

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