Monday, August 22, 2011

Eglise Notre Dame et Saint André - Ferney-Voltaire

The altar with a lage sculpture depicting Our Lady and baby Jesus
Eglise Notre Dame et Saint André is the parish church of Ferney-Voltaire, a small village on the Franco-Swiss border. This small town was the home of Francois-Marie Voltaire for twenty years, and proudly bears his name.

The Neo-classical facade
Eglise Notre Dame et Saint André is a child of the neo-classical style. The rich ornaments of the baroque and rococco from the earlier period are gone.

When building the parish church in 1826 it was inspired by the architecture of the ancient Greek and Roman civilisation.

Eglise Notre Dame et Saint André is today the largest neo-classical church in the French Departement of Ain, bordering Switzerland.

The church was dedicated to Our Lady, Jesus' mother and Saint Andrew, his disciple.

The interior is extremely simple with a arched ceiling with covered by identical square ornaments. The columns and other classic architectural features of the exterior are  continued inside. All in shades of gray and cream.

Stain glass window depicting Saint-Anne, mother of Our Lady and Jesus Grandmother
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