Sunday, August 07, 2011

Italian Ice Cream Heaven at Giovanni L Eiscafé

I am no sweet tooth, but I LOVE ice cream and chocolate. In Kiel, Germany I found a ice cream heaven at Sophienhof, the gigantic mall in the city centre.
Lazy, fluffy, multi coloured cloud of Italian gelato
Sicilian Pistacchio, Lemon, vanilla, or Mozart kugel ice cream
At Giovanni L Eiscafé you can go completely bananas, strawberry, or passionfruit if you want. Every thinkable or unthinkable flavoured ice cream are displayed as lazy, fluffy, multi coloured clouds.

Cool mint flavoured After Eight or stracciatella - the latter rich vanilla ice cream with chocolate shavings, or choco-vic, as dark as a cloudy night.

If you like fruit flavours you can pick from strawberry, or even better - exotic mango-passionfruit, one of my personal favourites.
If you turn your head you see more delicious ice creams. Sicilian Pistacchio, Lemon, cream-based vanilla, or Mozart kugel-flavoured. Just order and taste.

Sadly, I was completely stuffed after breakfast, but admiring this colourful display created those tastes in my mind.. Next time I visit Kiel, I will most certainly revisit Giovanni L Eiscafé,  have a few tastes and find out if they are tasty as well as pleasing to the eye.

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