Sunday, June 26, 2011

More on Sitges dining and wining

Casablanca Bear Bar
Soon I am traveling to Sitges, Spain. My good friend John has just returned home, and provides me with the latest updates on entertainment on this resort. Here is his latest news from the Playa.
Casablanca Bear Bar has changed names - only (and clintele, maybe)
It may seem as if I might have communicated some misinformation by stating that "the bears club unfortunately had to close". I went by there to just check to be sure and was astounded to see "another" pub (which is apparently the same club with the 'bear' profile toned down significantly). I had recalled the place as having a "bear" symbol which it no longer has - so I made the hasty assumption that it not longer existed and around siesta time everything looks closed down anyway. Well I went by there after 10 in the evening and was astounded to find what I attach here.

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Al Fresco - fancier and darker, with less charm
The upper level 'Al Fresco' (now "eF&Gi") is no longer under the management of the original owners and has taken on a noticably more "posh" profile. It is definitely no longer what it once was. We were disappointed, overall, with our evening dining experience there - mostly due to fact that we were systematically left in the dark about what we would end up paying.
F & Gi Restaurant - former Al Fresco  
We weren't given any menu or wine list (with prices) but had to sit through a lengthy and hasty (with bad English) exposition of the alternatives we had to chose from (with no mention of prices). We were definitely confused and exhausted the actual alternatives and didn't dare ask him to go through the whole thing one more time! lol As we had eaten well earlier in the day, we decided a main course should suffice.
We thought we would ask for a bottle of the "house's red wine" to go with our lam main course. Well a "house wine" they definitely did NOT have so we took one of three wines he mentioned to use - with no mention of prices. We opted for a Torres wine which the waiter mentioned had received some sort of prize.
Dinky sized main course 
The waiter suggested that we share a kind of appetizer while the main dish was being prepared - a seasoned chickpea puree served alongside grilled onion, paprika, and zucchini and homemade pita bread. This appetizer was actually the best part of whole meal. The main course, which I attach a photo of, although artistically presented was simply NOT a decent size portion. We also chose one of the desert alternatives which we didn't think were all that spectacular. I was surprised when presented with our bill that it was well over 90 euros!!! I don't believe locals frequent this restaurant anymore.
The original owners of Al Fresco still own the downstairs restaurant which still called "Al Fresco". I hope to check it out in September.

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Budget food at Boccalino 
We discovered one restaurant well frequented by the locals of Sitges which I'd heartily recommend: "Boccalino" They serve excellent lunch menus for under 10 euros (wine included). And their "Duck Magret" (under 15 euros) was MUCH better than I was actually expecting - highly recommended! Do give it a try!

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