Saturday, June 04, 2011

Gnocchi at the first pizzeria in Spain

My friend John loves gnocchi. Here are two different gnocchi plates as served at Pizzeria 'Cap De La Vila' Here are his presentation of one of his treats with two mouthwatering photos. 
Gnocchi with salsa amatriciana
While I'm at it, I'll include a photo of the gnocchi plate one can expect (one can chose between various sauce types - I chose pesto) at the Pizzeria 'Cap De La Vila' - which according of one claim that Cap De La Vila was the 'first pizzeria in Spain'. Doing a little more research and doing a Google Translate from their own website, it reads something like:
"Santiago Perez Soler worked in a flour factory in the 60s and for this reason, often traveling in Italy. So one day, instead of returning home with a souvernir, did a few ideas. Was round and was related to their work.
Gnocchi with pesto
His wife, Marta Camps Guma, had a place available in Sitges, which opened and it became the first pizzeria in Spain. About 40 years ago, the same age as you in Pitu, his son, now runs the business.
Cap de la Vila Pizzeria is located in the historical center (of Sitges)."

Editors remark:
I have visited Pizzeria 'Cap De La Vila' the last time I visited Sitges and will write a . Generally it was a good experience . Good location, decent prices and good food. 

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