Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bland food at Rei O Tartes, Sitges

Cannelloni as served at O Rei des Tartes
Italian at O Rei des Tartes in Sitges was hardly what you could call haute cuisine. Our encounter with a Canneloni may be described as bland if not plain boring, but the staff provided good service.

Rating O Rei des Tartes, Sitges: BBBB (3,9 points):

  • Location: BBBB+
  • Service: BBBBB-
  • Style BBB+
  • Food: BBB
O Rei des Tartes is located in Carrer de Jesus, one of the main streets in downtown Sitges. If you stay in Barcelona, Sitges is just a short ride away on a suburban train from the city.

I remember the staff at O Rei des Tartes as very charming, providing us the best service with a smile. We were located in the small open back yard of the cafe/restaurant, where we were seated on plastic furniture. Plates, glasses, cutlery were brought out as you were served.

I picked Canneloni from the small menu, pasta tubes with tomato sauce immersed in bechamel. A personal favourite. I was puzzled as it arrived. The topping had clearly not been closed to a “forno” or oven, as the bechamel and cheese topping was white as snow. It had most probably been heated in a microwave oven. The pasta was over cooked, and both of the sauces lacked balancing flavours - tomato sauce was predominantly salt, low in sweetness or acidity, and the bechamel sauce was also low in sodium.

We did not pay much for the dish, so we had no reason to be cross, but if you would like to eat better Italian food, you should visit Cap de la Vila, further up the street. I would, however, recommend pintxos at either Eguzki-Lizzaran or Izarra as lunch. There you get great food at low prices.

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