Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Two terrible products

I am not into home made foods as many thinks. After a day at work I often look through grocery's shelves,  refrigerators or freezers looking for at least something decent or if I am lucky, something very good. These last days I've tried one bad, and one even worse food product, and the latter was supposed to be good for you, as well.

BAD: Kystens fiskegrateng by Findus

Norwegian Findus produce frozen foods often made with fish.
Kystens fiskegrateng contains 10% Alaska Pollock
One of the Norwegian staple dishes is fish gratin, a delicious treat when homemade,  an oven dish made from fish and noodles in a bechamel sauce topped with cheese.

I picked a package of  Findus Kystens fiskegrateng, the cheapest of the ready made gratins priced at less than 20 NOK (3,20 EUR) for 450 grams (roughly 1 lb).

If I had not added cheese as topping it would have not tasted much.

Bland and boring white sauce with too much over cooked pasta and too little fish. It is a great comfort that I paid so little, as this was not a tasty treat but mere stomach fodder.

Stay off!! Kystens fiskegrateng is boring, boring, boring!!!

WORSE: Nutrilett Creamy Tomato Soup

Me after a week with Nutrilett creamy tomato soup
I am slightly obese, and know that I should loose weight in order to stay healthy. The Nutrilett diet products are supposed to substitute one or several of daily meal.s The creamy tomato soup comes in packages of five and  a 20 cl / 6 fluid oz serving contains around 115 calories. It costs 60 NOK (€8,80) per package.

I decided to give them a try. A soup is a decent way to end a day, and I bought a package.

What a waste of money!

Nutrilett creamy tomato soup IS THE WORST product I have tasted in a very long time. Many of us think that food (and even diet food) should taste good.

The Nutrilett creamy tomato soup is based on a powder dissolved in boiling water and whisked into a thick soup. It was creamy enough yes, and the colour was good too.

If a product tastes little or nothing.  You may  try to swallow it down, but Nutrilett creamy tomato soup  is a very, very bland product. No good saltyness, no balancing sweetness and even no acidity.

You are recommended to eat the stuff as some or all meals for three weeks.


Thanks, but no thanks. I'd better find something else that works. I will consider whether I will donate the four remaining bags for charities or throw them in the bin. I would really hesitate to use them in other foods. If you would like to try, do so, but I have warned you!

Even a salad dish tastes better.

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