Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trouble with Google

How a user of the new blogger editor would have felt in the Middle Ages

Wonder why my website look a little disorganized at this moment? For you information, I am doing my best, but the new Google blogger editor simply does not deliver. 

I have used blogger since 2006 and been very satisfied. With the new editor, however, things are changing. As Google is difficult to get in touch with, I am not sure whether this will be easy to change.

When downloading pictures, they may locate themselves on strange places, very different to where I intented them to be. This will look very strange to you. Likewise space between blocs of texts will vary from none - to the double of what I intended it to be. Lately, the Google maps have started to show weird signs as well.

This is for your information, but I still hope texts and information are what matters for you. So bear over with the rather strange impression you may get. It is really Google's fault.

Incidentally. If any of Google's staff may come over this article they may contact me by leaving their direct mail on the remark. I will be more than glad to help them to recreate blogger as a better editor for the future. 

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