Thursday, May 05, 2011

Royal Palace, Brussels

The main facade of the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace in Brussels is located half way between Grand Place and the European quarter. The building is massive and fully comparable to other royal residences in Europe. The grounds, however, are very restricted - just a small rectangular garden between the street and the massive complex.
One of the side wings
Palais Royal in Brussels is the residence of King Albert II and Queen Paola of Belgium. The oldest part of the current complex is around 200 years old, but what you see today was constructed around 1900 during the reign of king Leopold II.

He is responsible for the hideous Palais de Justice you can see from much of the city and other monumental buildings in the Belgian capital.

The massive building face a small park with neatly trimmed shrubbery. On the other side of the busy road you find the large Brussels Park, that was a hunting ground of the former palace. 

The current palace is built on the site of the former palace of the dukes of Brabant. It was a very impressive building dating back to the 11th century and was an integral part of the fortifications of the city.

The site of these palaces is called Coudenberg, a small hill overlooking the city.  The dukes of Brabant built up an impressive palace from the 11th century, and it was destroyed in a fire in 1731.
Palace of Coudenberg in 1659

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